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Mineralized in a sentence

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Similar words: mineralizegeneralizedmineralizationdemineralizationremineralizationgeneralized anxiety disordergeneralizenaturalizedMeaning: ['mɪnərəlaɪzd]  adj. 1. containing or impregnated with minerals 2. converted into a mineral. 
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1 The mineralized are controlled by structural schistosition belt.
2 Mineralized hydrothermal water mainly originated from the atmospheric rainfall.
3 The ascending mineralized solutions move up to the cap of nearly horizontal.
4 The main mineralized types are quartz vein type and alteration pattern with fracture zone.
5 Most of them are highly silicified and sometimes mineralized with pyrite and chalcopyrite.
6 Saiwusu Gold Deposit belongs to the mineralized area in the north fringe of North China platform.
7 Highly mineralized groundwater can be explored from strongly salinized land thus producing mirabilite and table salt.
8 The mineralized zone is controlled by some spilite lens distributed in the ductile she.
9 The massive sulfide contains fragments of barren and mineralized gabbro, and schist.
10 Based on the mineralized and mineralogical feature of magnesite in Iran, the paper sets forth the process of"one fine grinding-positive floatation"for lower grade magnesite.
11 Cementum is an important mineralized tissue in root formation, however, the precise mechanism of cementum formation remains undetermined.
12 The types of mineralized rocks are fine grained biotite gneiss and silicalites.
13 The whole quartz - porphyry body was mineralized. The main ore body occurs in the upper quartz - porphyry.
14 In the lower right corner is mineralized bony matrix containing the typical black CaPO 4 ( apatite ) crystals.
15 During the late consolidation stage of sedimentation,( mineralized solution are squeezed into fractures.
16 One of the types of tissues that makes up bone is the mineralized osseous tissue, also called bone tissue, that gives it rigidity and honeycomb-like three-dimensional internal structure.
17 The'shell " is composed of three structures: the membranes, the mineralized part and the cuticle.
18 The yellow abnormal color tone was show en in the mineralized feature information of FIMS flight strip of the region in image processing result.
19 Mineral pyroelectricity can be used tothe denuding levels of deposits and to assess the mineralized district.
20 This tissue constitute an ideal source of osteoblasts and mineralized tissue for bone regeneration.
21 The REE content and chondrite nomalized patterns of the altered and mineralized rocks are largely consistent with those of the unaltered host rocks.
22 MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:Morphological observation, determination of proliferation ratio, ALP stain, determination of matrix calcium accumulation and number of mineralized nodes with alizarin red stain.
23 Many years of production practice hade revealed some problems with the original sublevel caving system in the southern mineralized zone of Fengshan Copper Mine.
24 Dentin phosphoprotein(DPP), the main component of NCPs, is the key factor in stabilizing mineralized tissues.
25 Host - rock alteration is made up of retrograde and mineralized alteration.
26 The ore bearing magmatic body is a Yanshanian alkali granite and the rock body is mineralized.
27 Induced polarization method uses the two modes of electrical conduction that occur in mineralized rocks, ionic in pore fluids and electronic in metallic minerals.
28 No obvious change in apoptosis could be seen in bursa synoriale and mineralized fibrocartilage.
29 Gold deposits comprised different elements ( minerals ) assemblage have a series of characteristic mineralized geologic indicators.
30 The bone tissue fabricated in RWV with two different seeded cell densities grew well. Osteoblasts in the scaffolds secreted much collagen fibers and formed mineralized nodules and new osteoid tissue.
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