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Material resource in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-11-02Updated:2017-11-02
Similar words: financial resourcesnatural resourcecapital resourcemineral resourcesnatural resourcesmaterial requirement planningresourceresourcefulMeaning: n. assets in the form of material possessions. 
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1. We have exhausted all our material resources.
2. They will be discussed in terms of material resources and economic developments, as well as urban networks, financial relationships and cultural influences.
3. The belt provides vast material resources, vast amounts of solar power, and vast elbow room.
4. The cocoon is another material resource used, directly or indirectly[ resource.html], for musical purposes.
5. State of material resource will continue to improve.
6. Material resource is an important material condition of a company.
7. There are a lot of good to manage material resource by computer, for example, rapid and accurate computing, true analysing and so on.
8. Energy is a kind of material resource, which can provide some forms of human energy in the natural world. And energy is an important strategic resource in a country's economical development process.
9. Firstly, the factors that can influence the material resource consumption in the manufacturing system are analyzed in this paper, especially in the product design stage.
10. Information resource, material resource and energy resources become human social and economic development of the three pillars.
11. These criteria include not only the considerations of material resource, but also the attention to social, cultural, aesthetic, and many other concerns.
12. As an important material resource of all sectors of national economy[], construction industry plays a significant role in national economy's development.
13. Organize and optimize the human resource and material resource during the production.
14. This means that students can take full advantage of the Faculty's wide range of academic and material resources.
15. Her comments set the divisions of caring responsibilities and material resources in particularly sharp relief.
16. As stated earlier, subjective responses to ageing are also shaped by social and material resources.
17. This will not be a matter of one-way giving, even though the suburban church has most of the material resources.
18. The ironmongers also built up their businesses by using the human and material resources of their families.
19. Vernadsky tallied up the billions of organisms on Earth and considered their collective impact upon the material resources of the planet.
20. The second must properly deal with the relationships between the guidance and the material resource.
21. Direct deposing of waste in waste incinerators dose not only produce serious pollution to the environment, but also lead to a great consumption of useful material resource.
22. The production technique of said briquet is reliable, its process is simple and raw material resource is secure. Besides, it has the condition of continuously industrial production.
23. It is vital for Talent flow in reason and in order to configure human resource and material resource optimally and to accelerate the development of productivity.
24. Course resource is an important concept in the new round of basic education reform, It includes material resource and condition resource.
25. From the view of the area development, the government could realize the combination of the talent resource and the material resource through arranging and utilizing the talents well.
26. For replacing the block-wheel cylinder frequently and inconveniently, it wastes of the manpower and material resource massively, and influences seriously the role of block-wheel device and gyral kiln.
27. Traditional means of land use survey at county level costs a great quantity of manpower and material resource, but with low effectiveness.
28. From the view of modern management science, a good enterprise needs four resources, i. e. , human resource, economic resource, material resource, and information resource.
29. The means of student course resource's development and utilization should be considered from such aspects as experience resource, feeling resource, information resource, material resource and so on.
30. Methods Objective system of nursing management practice was constructed from five essentials such as time resource, information resource, manpower resource, financial resource, material resource.
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