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Lobe in a sentence

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Similar words: globelobbyglobalgloballyslobberlobbyistglobularglobalizeMeaning: [ləʊb]  n. 1. (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part 2. (botany) a part into which a leaf is divided 3. the enhanced response of an antenna in a given direction as indicated by a loop in its radiation pattern 4. a rounded projection that is part of a larger structure. 
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1. She gently nipped the lobe of his ear.
2. Figuring out frontal lobe functions has been quite difficult.
3. George has tried stimulating the right temporal lobe while showing patients such actors' faces depicting a standard emotion like disgust.
4. It ran from just behind the lobe of the ear to the very comer of his mouth.
5. This occurs in extensive bilateral frontal lobe dysfunction and is usually due to vascular disease, hydrocephalus, or massive neoplasia.
6. The second lobe looms overhead until it fills most of the sky.
7. It consists of two lateral lobes and a single small dorsal lobe.
8. You have to lose lots of frontal lobe, or lots of language cortex.
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9. The patient with damage to one frontal lobe catches on to the original sorting strategy and gets the string of yes answers.
10. The sediments of the old lobe will be attacked, destroyed and incorporated in marine sediments.
11. He tugged his ear lobe, our agreed sign for the other to remain silent.
12. Certainly this frontal lobe role in adaptive behavior is linked to the mechanisms of selective attention.
13. He studied the Gascon's dark effete face and the jewel-encrusted pearl which swung arrogantly from one ear lobe.
14. Defects of body in ge may be more likely with a stroke centered in the lower portions of the parietal lobe.
15. He has a silver peace-sign stud earring in his left lobe.
16. Nicola moved her lips along Richard's neck and nuzzled his ear lobe delicately.
17. And the motor strip is part of the frontal lobe, forming its rear border with the parietal lobe.
18. A chest radiograph revealed a patchy infiltrate in the left lower lobe.
19. I loved the pointy beard and razor-sharp eyes, the pearl earring fixed in his left lobe.
20. Maybe only several dozen[], judging from some of the work on temporal lobe neurons involved in face recognition.
21. One is the inferior temporal cortex and the other the inferior parietal lobe.
22. Nearly two-thirds of the neurons recorded from the human temporal lobe seemed to be interested in faces.
23. This is implied by the dyspraxia that sometimes occurs in frontal or parietal lobe disease in the absence of paralysis.
24. Then George applied the stimulating current to the temporal lobe, just below the motor and speech areas.
25. Much less severe memory deficits are sometimes seen after removal of the temporal lobe on only one side.
26. Cortical neurons are often silent-George often sees human temporal lobe neurons that respond at rates slower than once per second.
27. The patient performed the tests with no other comment-until the temporal lobe site was stimulated again without warning.
28. He operated on her for a rather large right frontal lobe tumor.
29. It all centres around a part of the brain called the medial temporal lobe.
30. Yet it has many reciprocal connections to the temporal lobe and the parietal lobe, big pipelines through the white matter.
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