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Linearization in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2021-08-30Updated:2021-08-30
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(1) Spike Frequency Adaptation and Negative Feedback Linearization.
(2) The linearization ofnonlinear system with measurable disturbances is studied.
(3) Predistortion linearization technology is conceptually the simplest form of linearization for an RF power amplifier.
(4) An equivalent linearization method for obtaining the response of nonlinear multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic systems to nonstationary gaussian excitation with nonzero mean is presented.
(5) Based on feedback linearization and state feedback, we propose a piecewise continuous control law by dividing the system into two subsystems.
(6) A new logarithm linearization compensation method of thermistor without temperature drift is proposed in this paper.
(7) It's illustrated how Input State linearization method is used to eliminate bifurcation so that no matter how the parameters change the system could maintain asymptotic stable equilibrium state.
(8) The idea of the equivalent linearization is extended to a class of nonlinear continuous system. The continuous nonlinear generalized predictive controllers for the nonlinear system are designed.
(9) By analyzing the partial linearization algorithm of CTDM, a quadratic interpolation method is proposed to obtain the approximated optimal step size.
(10) This paper presents a robust adaptive trajectory linearization control ( RATLC ) based on T - S fuzzy system.
(11) A circuit for open loop linearization of electronic tuning characteristic of VCO is designed.
(12) Two new examples are given for the linearization of nonlinear partial differential equation by the hodograph transformation.
(13) An equivalent linearization method based on wavelet transformation is represented, and compared with the traditional equivalent linearization technique.
(14) The equivalent linearization method is used to analyze the nonlinear vibration of engineering equipments caused by certain gap between different parts as well as some preload inclination.
(15) By means of the equivalent linearization method, mean-square displacement and mean-square velocity responses of the base isolation structures subjected to earthquake excitations are obtained.
(16) The linearization accuracy is high; the range of dynamic measurement available is wide and it is capable of direct output of pulse width and frequency signals.
(17) In this paper, we study the linearization process of the maximal quartile operator.
(18) The model was analyzed by use of statistics linearization method, and the simulation result of displacement mean square deviation of the response of package was obtained.
(19) The methods include: equivalent linearization method, equivalent non linearization method and their syntheses.
(20) First, the frequency-dependent soil stiffnesses and damping are replaced by suitable constants with the help of equivalent linearization.
(21) In this sense for a nonlinear process the on-line identification is necessary and corresponding to a quasi-linearization or a sequential linearization procedure of process.
(22) For a nonlinear course keeping system for ships, a kind of nonlinear robust PID is presented, which is based on an exact feedback linearization and a closed-loop gain shaping algorithm.
(23) Furthermore, it is found out in the experiments that the degree of phase response linearization of liquid crystal modulator decreases with driving frequency increasing.
(24) Equation of motion of LRB structures to multiple excitations is derived, the stochastic equivalent linearization method is used to(linearize) the equation of motion.
(25) Three new second-order quadratic differential equations were put forward and their integrability was demonstrated with the method of order degradation and linearization.
(26) Firstly, the new method uses nonlinear filter to improve the orbit's precise, avoiding the bad influence of linearization error to orbit results.
(27) By reducing the MREIT problem to a nonlinear operator equation, the formal derivative of the operator and the formula of solution for linearization problem are given.
(28) Nonlinear stochastic response analysis of viscoelastic damper-connected adjacent multi-story buildings under earthquake excitation is performed in this paper using the equivalent linearization method.
(29) Some comparisons and analyses between input state and input output feedback linearization are given based on above results.
(30) A third-order intermodulation distortion(IMD3) sinker composed of a PMOS FET and a tuned inductor is proposed for linearization of CMOS cascode LNA in this paper.
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