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In the long term in a sentence

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Sentence count:101Posted:2017-04-13Updated:2017-04-13
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1. In the long term, our efforts will pay off.
2. In the long term the company hopes to open in Moscow and other major cities.
3. Getting some qualifications now will pay dividends in the long term.
4. The agreement should have very positive results in the long term.
5. In the long term , alcohol causes high blood pressure.
6. In the long term, violence begets violence.
7. In the long term, we want to see a united Ireland achieved by consensus and without violence.
8. In the long term, Mr Heseltine said that privatisation was the only hope for the industry.
9. But in the long term the Daim resignation demonstrates again the failure of Mahathir to accept a potential rival.
10. In the long term, this final measure was the most momentous of all.
11. US investors anticipate that the Deutschmark will, in the long term, depreciate relative to the dollar.
12. In the long term, it envisaged the compilation of a list of globally protected areas.
13. In the long term, he argues correctly, this is in the shareholders' interest too.
14. And in the long term, as Keynes might also have said, we will keep on worrying about the short term.
15. Clearly, in the long term, improving dietary habits and food supply is the most desirable approach.
16. But in the long term increased productivity will boost investment and growth - and create new jobs.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. Many firms understand that giving work experience to students from colleges and schools will benefit everyone in the long term.
18. He may be sowing the seeds of his own destruction in the long term by using violence against his own people.
19. You could only really tell the effects of the disease in the long term, and five years wasn't long enough.
20. Taking this decision will cost us more in the short term, but will be beneficial in the long term.
21. This is all well and good, but we have to look at the situation in the long term.
22. Just how effective and successful they would be as managers in the long term, only time would tell.
23. However limited its immediate effects, the ideology of Enlightened Despotism was important in the long term.
24. This. according to Shils, is a not unusual pattern of development nor need it necessarily he troublesome in the long term.
25. The dams etc may also have been designed to attract industry and so benefit the country in the long term.
26. The government was credited with introducing measures which would have impact in the long term.
27. Total abstinence from any sweeteners can cure a sweet tooth permanently - which is much better in the long term.
28. Punitive methods persistently used against a background of rejecting, hostile parental attitudes lead, in the long term, to trouble.
29. Massive volatility of income combined with total security of principle is, in the long term, more traumatic than the reverse.
30. The ultimate question, however, was what would happen to the steadily accumulating stockpiles of nuclear waste in the long term.
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