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Desquamation in a sentence

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Similar words: desquamatesquamatasquamaamalgamationdramatisationdramatizationdefamationreclamationMeaning: n. loss of bits of outer skin by peeling or shedding or coming off in scales. 
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1. It alleviates the skin desquamation , maintains surface moisturizing membrane and reproduces elastic skin.
2. At present, the phenomenon of axial desquamation for an individual ejector pin plate or an annular cutter can occurs in a disposable digestive tract anastomat component.
3. Using the imported special antirust paint prevents desquamation and regimentation.
4. Desquamation of the superficial layers of the skin begins 5 to 10 days after injury.
5. Excogitated process of desquamation chemically of fresh ginger which can be capable of carry out large quantities of production, in order to carry out collectively and effectively production.
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6. Some common types of work roll desquamation in rolling of medium and heavy plate are introduced.
7. The desquamation of affixed reinforced RC beam is studied in this paper.
8. Drop hair, it is the desquamation that points to whole hair, from wool bursa the organization was dropped to hair tip.
9. Conclusion The desquamation of epithelial cells may trigger the acute inflammation.
10. The diamond films' breakage and desquamation from body surface are main damage forms of the diamond film-coated tools in the cutting process.
11. Some of these endothelial cells degenerated and gradually restored, others were necrotic, and probably dropped off by way of desquamation.
12. In the mucosa of ovariectomized guinea pigs, degenerative changes including dissolving and desquamation of cilia and glandular hypotrophy were found.
13. Moistening maintenance: Containing moisturizing compositions, it helps preventing the occurrence of water insufficiency and desquamation.
14. Irritability(94.4%), erythema and induration at sites of BCG immunizations(35.5%) and desquamation around anus(51.4%) were noted.
15. A 4-year-old girl presented with generalized papules , erythema, desquamation, subcutaneous nodules around large joints, as well as a 3-year-history of progressive eye damage.
16. These assist in the breakdown of the intercellular adhesiveness of the cells of the stratum corneum, thus facilitating desquamation. Keratolytic products include.
17. From microcosmic point of view, removal procedure of suspended matters in oily sewage consists of its transferring, adhesion and its desquamation.
18. Bright-coloured big red, let both hands have feminine taste more, and colour and lustre is super and abiding, reduce desquamation awkwardness.
19. Results One of the teeth had pulp necrosis one year after treatment resulted from desquamation of covered material.
20. The ground needs block up to weigh a shop as a result of get damp, mottled desquamation wall skin is eradicated entirely, even new condole supports.
21. The black particles in the mucosa epithelium tissues of normal control group and non-damaged mucosa epithelium and desquamation area were seldom seen .
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