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Cyanate in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2023-09-23Updated:2023-09-23
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1) Pharmaceutical Intermediates species: Sodium Cyanate, Potassium Cyanate, Subsalt of Heat Treatment, the Main Ring of Promethazine Hydrochloride, Promethazine Hydrochloride Side Chain.
2) The study shows the prepolymerization of cyanate ester has influence on dielectric performance.
3) Novolac cyanate ester resin is one of the high ablative-resisting polymer based materials. It also has superior heat-resistance, dielectric and mechanical properties.
4) The kinetics of neat cyanate ester and its modified resin systems were investigated by FTIR.
5) Novolac cyanate ester resin is one of the high ablative-resisting polymer based materials. It also has superior beat-resistance, dielectric and mechanical properties.
6) The cyanate Resin is modificated by styrene and divinyl benzene , which are called active diluent.
7) It is shown that the cyanate resin has low cure reactivity and high flowability, so the resin flow can not be controlled easily.
8) The cyanate Resin is modificated by styrene and divinyl benzene, which are called active diluent. The modificated resin system has low viscosity and store stability.
9) In the lack of cyanate functional groups, the main structures of cured compounds are oxazolidinone and polyether structure in the cured resin, and the triazine ring structure is of minor importance.
10) New cyanate monomers and poly (cyanate ester) net are being developed for the sake of increasing the thermal and processing property of poly (cyanate ester) net as well as reducing its cost.
11) The reaction mechanism of cyanate ester monomer synthesized by a " cyanogen halide - phenol method " is discussed.
12) Cyanate reacted with epoxy resin to produce oxazolidinone, which decreased the crosslink densities and increased the toughness.
13) Curing reaction behaviors of barium-phenolic, ammonia-phenolic, benzoxazine and cyanate ester of novolac were studied by differential scanning calorimetry(DSC) technique and gelatin experiment.
14) In this paper, the properties modification of cyanate resin by blending or co-polymerization with thermoplastic, rubber, thermoset resins and olefinically unsaturated compounds is introduced.
15) Cyanate compound, the preparation of triazine copper clad panel and 1ts application in high frequency printed circuit board were introduced in this paper.
16) Cyanate ester resins (CE) have become a new and unique class of high-performance thermosetting resins for being used as advanced matrices in both electronic and aerospace industries.
17) The type of cyanate ester resin (CE) and its modification by thermosetting, thermoplastics, rubber elastomer and unsaturated compound with double bond are reviewed.
18) Preparation methods of benzoyl cyanate were reviewed. The optimal conditions of synthesis of benzoyl cyanate from benzoyl amine and oxalyl chloride were investigated.
19) In this paper we briefly introduce the dielectric property,[] heat resistance and wet heat behaviour of thermo-setting butadiene-styrene resin modified by cyanate ester resin.
20) The bonding properties decrease with the order of modi fied cyanate ester, epoxy 5228 and epoxy 4211.
21) At the same time, the development tendency and the application prospect of cyanate ester resins were also discussed.
22) The varieties, synthesis, properties, modifying methods and applying prospect oi cyanate resin are mainly introduced.
23) To improve the mechanical properties of high modulus carbon fibers, the interface bonding abilities of cyanate ester, epoxy 5228 and epoxy 4211 with carbon fibers were studied.
24) Polyurethane demulsifier for crude oil were prepared from polypropylene glycol, xylene, toluenediiso - cyanate in xylene solvent.
25) This paper brieny introduces the recent general development of the cyanate resin in western countries, from its curing reaction, the way of modification, to its commercialization.
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