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Isocyanate in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2023-12-14Updated:2023-12-14
Similar words: thiocyanatecyanatecyanationhemocyaninanthocyaninphycocyaninferrocyanideanthocyanidinMeaning: n. a salt or ester of isocyanic acid. 
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1. The properties of title adhesive comprising fully blocked isocyanate and polymer and additives was introduced.
2. The invention provides an isocyanate composite and a preparation method for scleroid polyurethane foam using the same.
3. All the results indicate that interfacial polymerization between isocyanate and amine to form polyurea wall material is a quick, effective way for capsulation of wax.
4. The p - chlorophenyl isocyanate is synthesised by carbonyl chloride and p - chloroaniline . The yield is 90 %.
5. Adopt the additives such as isocyanate, polyhydric alcohol and, create rigid foam body by reaction.
6. Spectrophotometric determination of isocyanate - group in adhesive was studied.
7. This thesis is about the use of isocyanate as adhesive in making manboard with agricultural residues.
8. The features of isocyanate trimer and physical properties of tri - n - butyl - phosphine for isocyanate trimer catalyzer were introduced.
9. Adding proper catalyzer will make the normal isocyanate resin to set with moisture at room temperature.
10. When isocyanate index and density increase, compression stress is strengthened , and the compression set is improved.
11. Triflumuron was synthesized by the reaction phenyl isocyanate and o - chlorobenznyel amide. The total yield was 77 %.
12. With natural fibres such as wood fibre and isocyanate as main materials, Polyurethane sheet has been prepared under a catalyst present and hot-press.
13. Content of isocyanate group in waterborne polyurethane prepolymer is tested as solvent , n - dibutylamine as reactionas thinner.
14. Spectrophotometric determination of free isocyanate - group ( - NCO ) content in polyurethane resin production is studied.
15. Polyether - type isocyanate prepolymers are prepared with polyether polyols and tolylene diisocyanate.
16. The method uses the isocyanate composite composed by the polymerized MDI and alcohols with molecular weight less than 150 to prepare the scleroid polyurethane foam with the independent bubbles.
17. Herein, three kinds of reaction type of gelators, methylbenzene–2, 4–bis (N, N'–alkyl) urea derivatives were synthesized by using high reactivity of isocyanate and alkylamine .
18. The article is about how to use phosgene and p-nitrophenylamine to react in acetic ether's liquefier to produce p-nitro-phenyl isocyanate, Its best technological condition have been discussed.
19. Monocomponent acrylic cathodic electrophoretic coating was prepared by copolymerization of blocked unsaturated isocyanate and acrylate monomers.
20. The curing reaction can carry out easily at room temperature for one - component wet curing isocyanate adhesive.
21. As one component of two - pack waterborne polyurethane coating, polyisocyanate contains unmodified isocyanate and hydrophilically modefied polyisocyanate.
22. A lightfast aq. polyurethane emulsion for leather finishing was prepared mainly from aliphatic isocyanate.
22. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
23. By means of DSC, the unblocking temperature of blocked isocyanate adhesives and the key parameters that affected the unblocking were discussed.
24. The unsaturated vinyl group could be introduced into polymer by the reaction of isocyanate with hydroxyl group and the UV-curable carbon black dispersant could be obtained.
25. New unique modifiers of self - made hydroxyl acrylic resin ( emulsion ) and isocyanate terminal waterborne polyurethane were developed.
26. A formula has been developed for making the soft polyurethane foamed plastic with polyester polylol and isocyanate as the raw materials by a new water foamed technology.
27. A environmentally friendly two - component polyurethane adhesive was prepared from polyether polyol, toluene isocyanate and MOCA.
28. A series of allylic alcohols were treated with tosyl isocyanate to afford allylic N-tosyl carbamates as the substrates. To optimize the reaction conditions, the main factors were widely discussed.
29. Another way is treating triphosgene with phenylamine to produce isocyanate, then adding another equal phenylamine to obtain symmetrical urea.
30. By prepolymerization, different prepolymers of PAPI and caster oil(CTO) are synthesized and used as crosslinker for water based polymer isocyanate adhesive(API).
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