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Cross- in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2021-04-20Updated:2021-04-20
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1. But it took the problem of cross- border sewage pollution to really drive the point home.
2. DESIGN: Clustering stratified random sampling, cross- sectional survey.
3. Tree self-fertile, but most productive when cross- pollinated .
4. Cross check in cross- borehole shows that root - mean - square error of predicted porosity of simple cokriging is less than 10% compared with that of linear re - gression method.
5. Based on bus-oriented cross- river transportation development, it establishes minimal bus -ratio based models under capacity restrains and conducts empirical analysis.
6. It introduces the method, content and result of cross- sectional model test of light hollow block structure adopted for workboat wharf, which provides reference for design.
7. This paper introduces the PIX integration profile, a cross- referencing algorithm, an ID - merging algorithm and the master patient index (MPI)implementation based on the PIX integration profile.
8. The curvature ductility ratio of cross- section for inequal - leg t-shaped, L - shaped and cross- shaped columns are computed by the numerical method.
9. "Since soy is self-pollinating and only cross- pollinates, via wind, over extremely short distances, we're not too worried about GM soy contaminating conventional soy, " Paz said.
10. Translation is a kind of cross-linguistic, cross- cultural and cross-social communication.
11. Just as bees cross-pollinate flowers to help them grow, so will your business benefit from multiple, related product sites cross- marketing.
12. Table 5.2.8 cross- indexed, cross-index used to find and display all objects used, for example, variable, function, and so on and the screen.
13. So this is wonderful this sort of cross- semination of genres here, bringing this particular instrument, the traditional classical violin, into the popular realm.
14. There are three methods to perform cross-linking. These are sulfonation of a cross-linked polymer, cross- linking of a sulfonated polymer, and cross-linking of a polymer blending system.
15. The cross- section curvature ductility ratio for R. C inequiaxial T - shaped, l-shaped and cress - shaped columns is calculated by numerical method.
16. The curvature ductility ratio of cross- section for inequal - leg T - shaped, L - shaped and cross-shaped columns are computed by the numerical method.
17. In a lane not far from the cross- roads where the traffic had come to a full stop, there were shops and a house on fire . The fire was by now burning down.
18. Objective To investigate the cross- immunoreactivity between the serine proteases derived from Anopheles dirus and Manduca.
19. Such factors could have hurt the results in the study that showed cross- resistance.
20. The painting is another brooding, haunted work from a period with worldwide, cross- cultural appeal.
21. Referring to the reports on milk allergens, the structural characteristics, allergenicity, epitopes and cross- reactivity of the major milk allergens were reviewed in detail in this paper.
22. It is shown that the packing factor is in inverse proportion to the cross-sectional area of the cable and that the maximum value of packing factor depends on the minimum cable cross-...
23. This explains the strong real estate business building brand competitiveness and achieving cross- sectoral expansion of their complementary strengths, enhance combat market risks.
24. Most currants have self-fertile flowers, but a few cultivars are partially self - sterile, so set more fruits with cross- pollination.
25. Proceed as for the julienne, but cut the strips, a handful at a time, cross- wise into dice.
26. Based on optical pulse transmission equation in birefringent optical fibers, the chirps caused by second- order chromatic dispersion, self-phase modulation, cross- phase modulation were analyzed.
26. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
27. The dynamic modulus of elasticity is closer to the static modulus of elasticity of the fiberboard which ratio of density or length and cross- section area ratio is bigger.
28. The algorithm can efficiently overcome the shortcomings of the classical FFT and cross- periodogram methods for cross-spectral estimation.
29. Western blot analysis showed that the expression product was recognized by the antiserum. Conclusion There is cross- immunoreactivity between serine protease of Anopheles dirus and Manduca.
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