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Continuous casting in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2021-01-12Updated:2021-01-12
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1. Twins-roller strip casting is a new technology in continuous casting area. It has been paid more attention since its especial advantage.
2. Nonsinusoidal oscillation of continuous casting mold is one of the key technologies for high speed casting with high quality.
3. A bloom continuous Casting machine main cast quality steel and alloy steel, such as heavy rail steel, hard-line steel, spring steel, bearing steel, alloy structural steel, and other key species.
4. The present invention relates to continuous casting technology of monotectic alloy, and is especially continuous casting process of monotectic alloy sheet.
5. The courses of continuous casting X65 pipeline steel and ship plate steel are simulated by the models. The results are nearly accordant with the measured ones and the models are proved reliable.
6. ON-line measurements of slab width during continuous casting and strip width as well as flatness during rolling are important.
7. Continuous casting process and billet quality were directly impacted by the bath level of molten steel in tundish.
8. The essence of sequence continuous casting in EAF steel plant is the joining and matching of multiprocess of production and the key is to shorten tap to tap time on EAF.
9. The general design of continuous casting for roll cladding is got.
10. The mass defect that often appears in continuous casting process, the relative solution and key technique are also systematically discussed.
11. Buffer time of tunnel furnace is the key process in thin slab continuous casting and rolling(TSCR) line.
12. A poor designed bearing lubricating system for the conveyer roller bed of the continuous casting unit at SISG caused a frequent replacement of the bearings and bearing brackets.
13. A suggestible solution is the combined production of thin slab continuous casting and continuous rolling together with strip casting, so that it will be complemental in superiority for both of them.
14. The practical computer simulator named CCSOLVER is developed for continuous casting process through finite element method and put into application.
15. Starting from the basic theories of magnetohydrodynamics, this paper presents theoretical and numerical model for calculation of meniscus shape in cold crucible continuous casting system.
16. The reason causing the difference of phase and structure is discussed. So, the advantage of continuous casting ferroalloy is showed.
17. Traditionally, the mathematical model for the specifications and optimization of spray cooling in continuous casting of steel is based on the effective conductivity model.
18. This paper introduces the application of pouring material of high - alumina - spinel on ladle lining for continuous casting.
19. The effect of molten steel purity, casting temperature, performance of protecting slag, oscillation and liquid level control of mold in continuous casting on surface defect wa.
20. This text mainly introduces the automation control of 1700 Slab Continuous Casting Machine in TangGang Steel and it's production sequence.
21. The designing and calculating method of the continuous curve chart is deduced; all types of modern continuous caster curve are analyzed by using the continuous casting curve method.
22. The invention relates to a strand guiding device and a method for guiding a metal strip, in particular a metal strip that has not yet solidified right through, in a continuous casting installation.
23. The delivering programs of slab in tunnel furnace with dual-line continuous casting operation are discussed.
24. While using silicious insulation plate as the working lining for continuous casting tundish at the 2nd Steelmaking Plant of our company, the skin blowholes occurred seriously on the head of billets.
25. Bimetal copper - cladding aluminum bars with different transition layers were manufactured by continuous casting.
26. Centerline shrinkage is the main defect that affects the inner quality of continuous casting slab.
27. Using incompressible MHD equations and zero equation turbulent model, the paper calculated the flow field in two dimension thin slab continuous casting mould with the electromagnetic brake(EMBR).
27. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
28. In addition, with the progress of metallurgical technology and the increases of continuous casting capabilities, refining technology of external furnace is applied widely.
29. Speed program control of drawing roller is one of the key technology for horizontal continuous casting.
30. We analyse the formation Cause of longitudinal crack of the strip in double - roll strip continuous casting using metallographic technique and electron microprobe.
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