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Cellulosic in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2020-02-11Updated:2020-02-11
Similar words: cellulosehemicellulosecellulose fibermethylcellulosecelluloidcellulecellularcellulaseMeaning: n. a plastic made from cellulose (or a derivative of cellulose). 
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1. Cellulosic biomass feedstock is inexpensive and plentiful.
2. This initial layer, formed of both cellulosic and noncellulosic materials, is called the primary wall.
3. Among the new fibers, new cellulosic fiber, syndiotactic PP fiber synthesized by metallocene catalyst and PTT filler will become the big competitors against the conventional fibers.
4. Cellulosic ethanol made from switchgrass and wood chips was an example he adding that the U.
5. RFs-2 calls for a 10% blend of cellulosic fuel by 2022.
6. But the price of cellulosic ethanol is currently about double the price of corn - based ethanol.
7. They are found in soil, seeds, cellulosic materials such as wood and straw, sheetrock paper, among others. (see Fig. 13.4).
8. Paint-Pigments, Drying Oils, Polymers, Resins, Naval Stores, Cellulosic Esters, and Ink Vehicles.
9. The second generation of biofuels converts biomass or cellulosic material from grass, corn cobs and stover, trees or waste into ethanol.
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10. For one thing, even if cellulosic ethanol can be made viable , that feat remains years away.
11. By such addition of the cellulosic material, an explosive cast is achieved having greater mechanical strength.
12. Used mainly for cellulosic - based textile printing and dyeing.
13. Cellulosic feedstocks mainly include straws, forest wastes and saw dust. Straw is the largest source of non-grain feedstock for producing fuel ethanol in China by output.
14. The plentiful renewable resources - cellulosic materials could be used to produce fuel alcohol through bioconversion.
15. Scientists are also looking at profiting from the leftovers from the production of corn ethanol and cellulosic ethanol, made from materials like switch grass, corn husks and prairie grass.
16. Sioux Falls-based POET, a leading producer of ethanol, has been producing cellulosic ethanol at a pilot plant near Scotland, S.
17. They also evaluated the impact of harvesting and using corn stover (the plant debris left over after corn is harvested) as a cellulosic biofuel source.
18. She has technical experiences on sweet sorghum ethanol and cellulosic for several years.
19. The viscose process is the most widely used method for manufacturing regenerated cellulosic fiber. Viscose has an advantage of economic manufacturing which makes it more popular.
20. We provide acrylic emulsion resin and melamine resin, both are water soluble, is effective for wrinkle and shrink-resistant finish for cotton and cellulosic fiber.
21. TETS modification provided a new way both for simultaneous modifying and crosslinking of cellulosic fibres and for sour(or neutral) and salt-free dyeing of reactive dyes.
22. The cytoplasm and intercellular fluid can be extracted from enzyme hydrolyzed cellulosic material and pectin, then the laminarin can be obtained via separation and purification.
23. When dyeing, 3-carboxyl pyridine group disconnects froms-triazine, and the cellulosic carboxylic group reacts withs-triazine rapidly to form a covalent bond, thus effects the colour fixation.
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