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Binary code in a sentence

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Similar words: binary compoundbinarybinary systembinary notationsecondary colorbudgetary controlsolitary confinementcoronary care unitMeaning: n. code using a string of 8 binary digits to represent characters. 
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1 The instructions are translated into binary code, a form that computers can easily handle.
2 Its verification programme demands a minimum 80% of binary code is tested dynamically - 100% statically - before certification is awarded.
3 A set of binary codes is constructed which in itself, without any translation program, is quite meaningless.
4 The characteristics of binary code disc and cyclic code disc are analyzed, and a new design of absolute code disc based on three regional models is then presented.
5 Number of binary code recording on magnetic tape per unit length.
6 Pseudo-random code is a binary code list that can be predefined, repeated and copied, have random statistical characteristic.
7 Structure light binary code is an important image encoding method used in optics noncontact threedimensional measurement.
8 Many software manufacturers to sell only the binary code.
9 Seismic signals are stored digitally in binary code.
10 The listing contains thesymbolic instructions equivalent to the binary code output of the compiler.
11 Figure 6–7 - A disassembler takes binary code and creates assembly code that looks like this.
12 Encoding system of absolute encoder generally uses natural binary code, Gray code ,[] Gray - excess - code and so on.
13 By using the binary code instead of the ternary code, a increment in number of information bit is obtained.
14 An improved binary code method was proposed, which introduced several parameters to conveniently control the solution precision and search space.
15 All computer information when inside the computer is stored in binary code form.
16 This is the reason why digital computers talk in a language called binary code.
17 Authorization code which includes two groups: Group 1 is the month to 5-bit binary code, group 2 is the day of the 5-bit binary code.
18 This paper presents an improved genetic algorithm(GA) based on the decimal system for hydropower station reservoir optimal operation, because binary code is liable to cause code redundancy problem.
19 Comparison between the two examples by calculating step by step, the characters of binary code and BCD code are show.
20 This paper presents two kinds of algorithm for conversion between BCD code and binary code.
21 Authorization code which includes two groups: Group 1 is the month to 5-bit binary code, date of group 2 is 5-bit binary code.
22 The method of shift - copy generating sequence by binary code copy information is presented.
23 The linker replaces that reference with the actual address at which it had loaded the function, so that the resulting binary code has the right address in place.
24 The authors argue that the fruits can be diagnosed online and exactly located by cycle shift of pattern vectors' binary code.
25 The broad role of disassembly is to create mnemonic representation of binary code.
26 At present, common D/A converters(DACS) can only receive natural binary code and realize Single-polarity output.
27 It would, however , be very tedious and difficult to write all information in binary code.
28 This is the software used by hackers to break the binary code analysis to be useful.
29 In this paper, we propose a new method for recovering binary code sequences from base-band, FSK or PSK signals transmitted through Gaussian noise channel.
30 Then the program's action feature was imported using the external behavior and interface as the supplementary information, the feature was mapped to binary code.
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