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Aryl in a sentence

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1. Aryl disulfides, for example, inhibit polyolefin oxidation.
2. Cyanation of aryl halides is widely used in the synthesis of liquid crystals, but its traditional heating reactions require long time and high temperature.
3. A boronic acid is an alkyl or aryl substituted boric acid containing a carbon to boron chemical bond belonging to the larger class of organoboranes.
4. The extraction behavior of dialkyl ( aryl ) Sulfides may be controlled by polar and steric substituents effects.
5. Sulphone amine and aryl aldoxime as important reaction reagents as well as their high biological activity, has arose more and more attention.
6. Poly(aryl ether)s and polyamides are known for their good thermal and mechanical properties, and widely used in aviation, spaceflight, electrical communication, adhesives.
7. Aryl isoprenoid compounds in the aromatic fraction of sedimentary organic matter have been regarded as a biomarker that indicates a saline and strongly reducing sedimentary environment.
8. The invention relates to a new derivative of aryl dihydro naphthalenes lignan and the medical application of said compound.
9. In this paper, the aryl boric acid synthesis of the various methods for in - depth study.
10. Self assembly of aryl group containing flexible bidentate ligands with metal ions gives rise to many types of novel structures because of their variable coordination modes.
11. The reaction kinetics of synthesizing aryl isocyanate by aryl amine and phosgene was studied.
12. Ten aryl chloroacetates were synthesized by liquid - liquid phase transfer catalysis.
13. We also found that many other aryl zinc reagents addition to phenylaldehyde had excellent enantioselectivity (higher than 92%) too.
14. One-pot synthesis method of diarylmethylamines was investigated using aryl lithium salt, thioformamide and aryl Grignard reagent.
15. Electron transport material(ETM) includes multi nitro aryl compounds, cyano compounds, quinone compounds and naphthoquinone compounds in organic photoconductor.
16. Aryl or heteroaryl amides of tetrahydronaphthalene, chroman, thiochroman and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline carboxylic acids having retinoid-like biological activity.
17. OH radicals mainly attack the azo group and the aryl ring bearing methylamino group, forming corresponding OH-adducts.
18. By means of equimolecular competing reaction we investigated the cleavage of five aryl trimethyl silanes by hydrogen chloride.
19. Simultaneously simple and efficient methods for the synthesis of substituted aryl nitrile oxide and substituted benzaldoxime chloride were developed.
20. Cesium carbonate catalyzed O - alkylation of phenol to synthesize alkly aryl ethers.
21. This section focuses on pyrazole ketones, indole acetic acids, aryl alkyl acids non - steroidal anti - inflammatory drugs.
22. Introduction of bromo atoms to the 3-position of the aryl group of substituted salicylaldehyde can enhance the enantioselectivity of sulfoxides.
23. In the reaction of NAE 18 with nitrogen mustard aryl phosphorochloridate, 4 - dimethylaminopyridine ( DMAP ) played critical catalytic action.
24. An embodiment of a sizing composition for glass fibers comprises a starch, a nonionic lubricant, and a silane comprising at least one amine and at least one aryl or arylene group.
25. Aim To study the synthesis and antidepressant activities of aryl alkanol piperazine derivatives .
26. By means of molecular designing,(Sentencedict) we synthesised the the odd carbon number alkyl aryl sulfonates which the carbon number of long alkyl chain was nineteen.
27. It will become deepen to the students'recognization in mechanism of Aryl electrophilic substitution.
28. A phosphorite used as lube friction modifier was synthesized by phosphonic aryl ester and fatty alcohol using ester exchange method in laboratory.
29. Aim To study the synthesis and antitumor activities of some aryl - substituted pteridines.
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