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Addressable in a sentence

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Similar words: addressaddresseeaddressedaddresserheaddressreaddressaddressinghome addressMeaning: adj. capable of being addressed. 
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1. A pixel addressable printer can obviously reproduce a bit mapped image, and page description formats have developed to allow this.
2. Let's start with the more easily addressable issues.
3. Point schedule for each addressable device.
4. The 32-bit Solaris addressable memory structure is shown in Figure 9.
5. In this study, a light addressable microelectrode array (LA-MEA) chip and multichannel recording system has been developed to measure electrophysiological signals of neural cells.
6. Addressable digital instruments ( ADIs ) are new generation of transducers.
7. The 4G of addressable memory is broken down into 4 quadrants, where each quadrant is 1G in size,[] as shown in Figure 11.
8. This leaves an additional 1GB of addressable memory which is normally reserved by the O/S and allocated to system resources.
9. In computer graphics, the number of addressable points on a display surface or in storage.
10. A mixed serial-parallel content addressable memory (CAM) includes serial CAM cells and parallel CAM cells that are arranged in multiple (N) columns and multiple (M) rows.
11. The increased data bus width enables support for addressable memory space above the 4GB generally available on 32bit architectures.
12. Maximum number of directly addressable entities supportable by this controller. A value of zero should be used if the number is unknown.
13. Experimental results indicate that the redundancy and content addressable memory area overhead of the proposed repair method is only 20% of other 2D repair methods to obtain the same repair ratio.
14. In computer graphics, an addressable point in an image space.
15. Learning Object: Any reproducible and addressable digital or non-digital resource used to perform learning activities or support activities.
16. Each bit cell of the N-dimension addressable memory includes a bit storage element, N word lines, and N bit lines.
17. 64-bit support increases the addressable storage of the broker, and further reduces administrative complexity.
18. Each set-top decoder would then have its Macrovision-component circuitry individually addressed and activated through the network's addressable access control system.
19. At customer terminal station finish undergoing demodulation and decoding, the addressable control terminal station (customer terminal) carry out and offer service or shut off the user TV signal.
20. High power consumption is a major drawback of ternary content - addressable memory ( TCAM ).
21. A normal 32 bit windows process has 2GB of addressable memory available to it in which to store data used by the application.
22. As much more data is processed so the amount of addressable virtual storage that is available within an execution group becomes more of an issue.
23. Memory - storing approach for storing one character in each addressable location.
24. When the main buffer pools are configured too large, it is possible that they will not fit into the addressable memory space.
25. Nowadays the producer adopts the solution based on TCAMC ternary content addressable memory.
26. With the 32-bit memory structure, regardless of how much physical RAM you may have on the system, the addressable memory by any process on any platform is 4GB.
27. In this thesis, considering the associative characteristics of holography, complementary encode and threshold detection. Wedesign a content addressable memory optical computing set-up.
28. It does this with immense scalability, supporting 16 exabytes of addressable storage (264 bytes).
29. In this paper, base on the associative characteristics of holography, complementary encode and threshold detection, a content addressable memory optical computing set up was designed.
30. One of the key distinctions between a file folder and a bucket is that each bucket and its contents are addressable using a URL.
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