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SNR in a sentence

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Sentence count:109Posted:2021-12-28Updated:2021-12-28
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1. Dalton Bearing Service offers SNR Bearing's full line.
2. The effect of electrical stimulation of substantia nigra, pars reticulata(SNR). on the ventromedial thalamic nucleus(VM)was investigated using extracellular-recording method in rats.
3. The time frequency difference between grain noise and defect signal provide a possibility for enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) in ultrasonic testing.
4. Temporal focus can depress the multipath effect and improve the signal noise rate (SNR) of the system.
5. This paper introduces a typical SNR estimation algorithm by the use of autocorrelation matrix singular value decomposition method.
6. To boost SNR, cryogenic radio-frequency (RF) coils using high-temperature superconducting (HTS) material can be used to reduce the noise from coil resistance.
7. In order to detect low SNR point targets under a complex background, this paper presents a local adaptive threshold detection algorithm.
8. To overcome pulse noise influence to image quality, discrete dyadic wavelet transform (DDWT) is used to reduce the noise influence and improve signal to noise ratio (SNR).
9. Losscurve of A/D quantization level and SNR at certain condition of SNR is given.
10. Signal to Noise Ratio ( SNR ) : The ratio of the signal to the random noise setdata.
11. Companding is a useful technique for improving the signal to noise ratio (SNR) over poor radio channels .
12. In order to emulate and evaluate the system performance, the signal-to-noise (SNR) and probability of detection (Pd) vs. the gain and threshold voltage of APD arrays were discussed in this paper.
13. In the link level, the relation of efficient link data rate and received bit SNR of UE is analyzed with research on H-ARQ and AMC.
14. Aimed at the ultrasonic signal polluted by noises, which is low in SNR,[] a method of the ultrasonic signal denoising in wavelet domain based on an improved threshold function was put forward.
15. The depth of the notch is adjusted by using the adaptive lattice IIR notch filter, so as to improve the SNR of output signal.
16. Objective To study whether mechanical noise acting on the sacculus could enhance the SNR of the 8th nerve's response.
17. The results show that not only diffraction efficiency and SNR but also storage density and data rate can be increased by reducing the spot size on the crystal surface of the incident beams.
18. The simulation results show that the formula also be applicable to calculate the SNR in discrete-time system.
19. Simulations show by this method we can precisely estimate time delay for narrow band and line spectrum source in low SNR.
20. Given detection probability and false alarm time of a radar, the system output SNR would affect the radar′s effective rang directly.
21. FFT is a mathematical tool commonly used in digital signal processing, and is characterized by fast operational speed and low SNR threshold value.
22. It is an unfathomed and difficult problem that weak and small targets are detected in complicated background and low SNR.
23. An interpolation filter based on over sampling theory and the theory of mean evaluation is designed, so as to increase ADC resolution and SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) through software.
24. A/D quantization brings the Loss of ICR(Interference cancellation ratio) and SNR.
25. Taking into account the quantization noise, an approximate formula of the relationship between SNR and other factors is obtained in time domain.
26. Weighting effect of real antenna pattern will improve the SNR in MP.
27. The amplitude film-grain noises are the important noises in white-light optical processing system. Their appearance gives a low output SNR.
28. Test signals are mixed with noise signals according to a given SNR and the Chinese speech intelligibility are rated by listener.
29. The comparison experiments of speech signals corresponding to different SNR and noise type was designed using the measure of complexity behaviors based on the information gain.
30. By means of Monte Carlo simulations, the estimation variance on different SNR, snapshots and receiving array elements are simulated, the results are consistent with the theoretical analysis.
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