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SLM in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2019-08-07Updated:2019-08-07
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1. Secondly, a SLM method based on the DFT property of the time domain circular convolution is studied.
2. Second, the modeling problem of micro stereovision with SLM is discussed, and a vision model that describes the projection between 2D image space and 3D object space is derived.
3. According to the necessity in the simulation of a certain type of Submarine Launched Missile (SLM), applying sea wave spectrum, the mathematical model is built by the linear superposition method.
4. You might wonder whether SLM can be used when multiple DataPower appliances are used behind a load balancer.
5. The SLM features enable you to control the workload, the credential executing it, and the time interval when it is being processed.
6. A SLM-T(Synthesis Load Model with Transformer) is proposed by adding an ideal transformer to the SLM, which cooperates with the reactive compensator to stabilize low-voltage bus voltage.
7. Together with versioning, SLM is the core of the Administration "Deployment Management" capability.
8. SLM.N), which is known as Sallie Mae, sell $3 billion of stock and convertible debt on the day after Christmas, historically a difficult time to do deals.
9. We experimentally produce this beam with a computer-generated hologram (CGH) displayed on a spatial light modulator (SLM).
10. SLM can be used to take action when more than 300 TPS inbound transactions are received.
11. SLM has the ability to monitor traffic and to take action if traffic patterns meet some criteria.
12. Furthermore, your SLM policies should be tuned on a regular basis through transactional analysis of production data, since workloads change over time.
13. Next, Companding Transform of signal pre-distortion technology, Selected Mapping (SLM) and Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) of signal scrambling technology are discussed in details.
14. Changed business requirements will compel your services to evolve, which should cause you to include Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) capabilities in your SOA architecture and design practices.
14. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
15. SLM system and the functions of laser subsystem, scanning subsystem, and software subsystem are described in detail in this paper.
16. The service level monitoring (SLM) functionality of WebSphere DataPower appliances enable fine-grained behavioral control over the workloads processed by individual services.
17. By inserting bit labels, we combine convolutional code and traditional selective mapping (SLM), and propose a novel scheme to reduce PAPR.
18. The present method is achieved with an amplitude gray-scale spatial light modulator (SLM) as the image input device and based on double exposure holographic phase-shifting interferometry.
19. Fortunately, WebSphere DataPower has a very powerful capability called service level monitoring (SLM) that can be utilized to define and enforce behavior boundaries.
20. But analysts say that any lasting peace deal in Darfur will also have to incorporate the main factions of SLM.
21. SLM is supported on multiple appliances that share load with SLM peer groups.
22. The results of experiments show that the bintree based on SLM can make contribution to speech pauses ' prediction effectively.
23. In this paper, we extend a word-based trigram modeling to Chinese word segmentation and Chinese named entity recognition, by proposing a unified approach to SLM.
24. Additionally, it allows polling of application metrics such as transaction rates and times, MQ queue manager status, message counters, or SLM metrics.
25. The appliances in a peer group continuously communicate with each other to ensure SLM thresholds are shared across the entire group.
26. The paper first introduces the selected mapping method for the reduction of the peak-to-average power ratio of OFDM signals, and a method for improving SLM using m-sequence is put forward.
27. Having a service and schema compatibility policy is not dependent on doing full-fledged versioning and SLM capabilities.
28. In the long run, with an increasing number of active service versions, your service inventory will become utter chaos without versioning and SLM governance.
29. Different from conventional CGHs, the pure-phase information on the hologram plane is loaded on the SLM to reconstruct the 3D diffusive objects without considering the reference wave.
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