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BSD in a sentence

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1. To experience the best things Linux/BSD have to offer, users must reorient themselves and learn to think about computing a little differently.
2. OpenNMS's monitoring, control, and data collection features are handled by a set of concurrent tasks called daemons (BSD UNIX conventions).
3. All the *BSD Projects use CVS to maintain their source code.
4. The *BSD projects cooperate in other areas as well.
5. The formula suggests that blood stasis degree ( BSD ) changes with power - function.
6. Under the BSD license, the company can keep this code proprietary so that Company B can't use the same code for their new phone.
7. The example in Listing 5 comes from a BSD environment.
8. All the *BSD Projects: make a CVS tree available for anyone to browse and download(, 24 hours a day.
9. It compares very well to the BSD license.
10. Again, in terms that the BSD UNIX world used to view things, static and journal file systems relate to the way in which the UNIX File System (UFS) organizes and secures files.
11. For my domain I run BSD/OS on its server (HTTP, anonymous FTP, email, DNS, etc.).
12. Back up in the BSD layer, it also needs to create new entries in the process table, copy any file descriptors that the process has open, and so on.
13. BSD/OS is a very reliable, industrial-strength, system, that just runs and runs without any problems.
14. RESULTS The recovery was 98.4 % and BSD was 2.02 %.
15. BSD was built on the work of people at the University of California, Berkeley.
16. Good habits are the key to all success. Bsd habits are the unlocked door to failure.
17. Part of the responsibility of the BSD layer in the XNU kernel is making this rough mapping concrete.
18. We particular like the BSD license.
18. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
19. If you have a Solaris or BSD system, it uses the simpler structure that was shown in Listing 8, so you need a different packstring and extracted fields, as shown here in Listing 19.
20. For example, on BSD, you would specify an alias like Listing 1.
21. If you've had any experience with Winsock or BSD Sockets, you've probably come across the function accept.
22. Useful for exploring diverse mathematical algorithms, the open source computer algebra system known as Axiom is released under a modified Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license.
23. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool initially written in Perl by John Gruber who released it back in 2004 under a BSD license.
24. In the august of 1999, National Curriculum was emended roundly from environmental education to BSD.
25. The paper first has made an introduction to UNIX as well as the UNIX network programming environment, then multianalysis BSD sleeve joint character function race and multiplexing application.
26. Whether they will succeed, remains to be seen, but it is definitely a very promising and arguably a much needed layer of abstraction on top of the "traditional" BSD sockets.
27. Miredo is an open-source (GPL) user-space teredo implementation for linux and BSD.
28. There have also been statically linked shared library schemes, such as the one in BSD/OS, but they are beyond the scope of this article.
29. CEO Gil Amelio admits that he had toyed with the idea of reinventing Mac OS on BSD Unix, but "without a large community of free software developers, what was the point?
30. Unlike GCC, which is a monolithic compiler released under the GPL, the LLVM family of tools are more modular – and thanks to a more permissive BSD license, can be embedded in commercial tools.
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