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Prey in a sentence

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Sentence count:242+19 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Synonym: fair gamefeedpredatequarryraventargetSimilar words: pressspreadprewarpreferpreachSupremeprettyprepareMeaning: [preɪ] n. 1. a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence 2. animal hunted or caught for food. v. 1. profit from in an exploitatory manner 2. prey on or hunt for. random good picture
1 The lion stalked its prey through the long grass.
2 Electric rays stun their prey with huge electrical discharges.
3 The tiger rent its prey to pieces.
4 The clergy prey on bereaved families.
5 The lions in this area prey on deer and other wild animals.
6 Teenagers are easy prey for unscrupulous drug dealers.
7 The eagle seized its prey in a tenacious grip.
8 The big bird carried its prey in its claws.
9 The lion was hunting for its prey.
10 The animal seizes its prey by the throat and suffocates it to death.
11 Most snakes swallow their prey whole.
12 Small children are prey to all sorts of fears.
13 A tiger is a beast of prey.
14 We watched a bird of prey swoop down on a mouse.
15 These animals were the prey of hyenas.
16 Wolves prowled the forest in search of prey.
17 She was easy prey for dishonest salesmen.
18 Homeless young people are easy prey for drug-dealers and pimps.
19 She was prey to irrational fears.
20 Mice and other small creatures are the owl's prey.
21 Cats prey on birds and mice.
22 The zebra fell prey to the lion.
23 The baby fish are easy prey for birds.
24 Stronger animals prey on weaker ones.
25 The eagle poised in mid-air ready to swoop on its prey.
26 The snake injects the venom immediately after biting its prey.
27 A hawk hovered in the sky[],( waiting to swoop down on its prey.
28 The lion leaped out from behind a tree and captured its prey.
29 Street children in this part of the world often fall prey to drug dealers.
30 With a lash of its tail, the lion sprang at its prey.
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