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Inquisitive in a sentence

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Sentence count:65+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-15Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: curiousmeddlesomepryingSimilar words: acquisitionsensitiveinquiryinquire aboutsensitivitycognitiveinitiativein questionMeaning: [ɪn'kwɪzətɪv] adj. 1. showing curiosity 2. inquiring or appearing to inquire. random good picture
1. She could see inquisitive faces looking out from the windows next door.
2. He cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at her.
3. He's not by nature an inquisitive person.
4. Barrow had an inquisitive nature.
5. Don't be so inquisitive; I'm not telling you what I've promised not to say.
6. We try not to be too inquisitive about what he's doing.
7. Children are naturally inquisitive.
8. Don't be so inquisitive. It's none of your business!
9. He has an inquisitive nature.
10. The inquisitive Warlord turned to realign itself with its mechanical peers which strode onward together in line abreast, to massacre Marines.
11. Was this the perfume that an inquisitive cleaner had detected on Rodney Shergold's jacket?
12. Children are usually inquisitive.
13. Don't be so inquisitive - it makes people uncomfortable.
14. You're far too inquisitive,[Sentence dictionary] and a confounded nuisance.
15. Inquisitive journalists were told that any contamination was so negligible that it couldn't be measured, a clear piece of disinformation.
16. All these fishes are seemingly quite pert and inquisitive.
17. No problem if your inquisitive Year 10 tips potassium into concentrated sulphuric acid.
18. The kids were wide-eyed and inquisitive.
19. Some people are very inquisitive.
20. Had my own heart broken by one inquisitive straight lady, way back in my desperate youth.
21. Travellers may be inquisitive about the world, but they also travel to make discoveries about themselves.
22. Fearful, yet inquisitive, Moon-Watcher crawled out on to the edge of the cave and peered down the face of the cliff.
23. His letters confirm a highly inquisitive mind regarding natural and scientific phenomena and suggest a phlegmatic temperament and a dry humour.
24. A guard moved alongside, peering in that inquisitive way, like what do we have here to pass the time.
25. I'd have asked more questions, but I didn't want to seem inquisitive.
26. Previously a council house bought by its owners; it's now prey to vandals and a danger to inquisitive children.
27. The study of Scripture, he suggested, did nothing to hinder an inquisitive man's delight in the study of nature.
28. One of them was Moon-Watcher; once again he felt inquisitive tendrils creeping down the unused byways of his brain.
29. He was so interested in life and so well-informed and so inquisitive about everything and so ordinary in many respects.
30. The crowded room was filled with lights, cameras, and inquisitive reporters.
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