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Multiplier in a sentence

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Sentence count:198Posted:2017-05-12Updated:2017-05-12
Similar words: multipliedmultiplicationmultiplemultiplymultidisciplinarymultipartymulticulturalmulticulturalismMeaning: ['mʌtɪplaɪə(r)] n. the number by which a multiplicand is multiplied. random good picture
1, In effect, the question of calculating the multiplier is left to the discretion and experience of the judges.
2, On the research side of funding a multiplier is used.
3, In 8 X 2 , the multiplier is 8.
4, This multiplier, on a scale of 0 to 5, is based on the research selectivity exercise.
5, To this annual cost a multiplier appropriate to other forms of continuing future expense should be applied.
6, We could examine the workings of the multiplier by considering changes in other injections into the circular flow.
7, Stage 4 is the familiar multiplier, only this time triggered off by a change in imports and exports.
8, The Polynomial - Basis Multiplier in the finite field is the key module to realizing ECC basic operations.
9, The generation of modulation wave by wide band multiplier is designed after deep discussion on theory of the modulation wave generation.
10, Reduced damage multiplier for act - end boss attacks vs. minions.
11, This frequency multiplier may be used satisfactorily as the output stage some velocity radar.
12, Thereby it draws some conclusions that invest multiplier of FuXin is not stable,[] marginal propensity to consume lowly.
13, An important point to remember is that the size of the multiplier depends on the marginal propensities to save and import.
14, This will raise aggregate demand directly and, by increasing total injections, will have a multiplier effect on income.
15, In other words, in this model, the balanced budget multiplier is equal to 1.
16, Cases over five years should be treated with caution as applying a multiplier is not particularly useful.
17, Annual rate bills are calculated by reference to rateable values and the rate multiplier.
18, When leakages absorb 60 percent of any additional income, therefore, the value of the multiplier is 1.67.
19, Only when income settles at £1,020 can we say that the full multiplier effect has taken place.
20, Their experts are not infallible, as when the World Bank boosted tourism in the 1960s as a sure-fire multiplier of development.
21, Consequently, the fall in demand for building materials and construction workers will generate downward multiplier effects on other types of investment.
22, This figure is multiplied by a number of years' purchase[], which is commonly known as the multiplier.
23, He did not think that an increase in the multiplier was a suitable method of protecting against inflation.
24, It is therefore advisable never to use an excessively high working voltage for a multiplier cell.
25, The measuring circuit using selected harmonic elimination PWM technique does not use analog multiplier and is easy to be adjusted.
26, Methods When the total absorbed energy was defined, with the proposed TCP model and the method of Lagrange multiplier, the condition which can cause the optimum TCP will be derived.
27, Some platforms (not PowerPC) allow programmers to specify a multiplier for the index register.
28, With a descent of marginal propensity to consume of Chinese resident, expenditure multiplier of government uniterruptedly go down.
29, In this way, financial institutions should not expand the monetary multiplier.
30, Operating at clock speed of 50 MHz in FPGA, the multiplier can meet the demand of DTR.
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