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Multitude in a sentence

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Synonym: battalionconcoursehoi polloilarge numbermassmassespackpeoplepluralitythe great unwashedthrongSimilar words: altitudeaptitudeattitudebeatitudegratituderectitudeaptitude testmulticulturalMeaning: ['mʌltɪtjuːd] n. 1. a large indefinite number 2. a large gathering of people 3. the common people generally. random good picture
1. Multitude of years should teach wisdom. 
2. In the multitude of counsellors there is safety. 
3. Charity covers a multitude of sins. 
4. Success covers a multitude of blunders. 
5. There is a multitude of reasons against it.
6. What is any ocean but a multitude of drops?
7. I had never seen such a multitude of stars before.
8. A large multitude had assembled to hear him preach.
9. There are a multitude of small quiet roads to cycle along.
10. These elements can be combined in a multitude of different ways.
11. The city has a multitude of problems, from homelessness to drugs and murder.
12. Beijing has a multitude of attractions to beguile the foreign tourist.
13. The multitude may laugh at his music, but we know better.
14. A growing economy covers a multitude of sins for the government.
15. This case has raised a multitude of questions.
16. Patterned carpet can hide a multitude of sins .
17. He preached to the assembled multitude.
18. Addiction to drugs can bring a multitude of other problems.
19. Advanced figures are emerging in multitude in this era of ours.
20. The hideous truth was hidden from the multitude.
21. You say that he owns a business,[] but "business" covers a multitude of sins.
22. You say that he owns a business, but "business" hides a multitude of sins.
23. Don't say you woke up late—say you were delayed.That hides a multitude of sins!
24. He stepped out onto the balcony to address the multitude below.
25. She was dressed in loose comfortable clothes that hid a multitude of sins.
26. Don't say you woke up late—say you were delayed.That covers a multitude of sins!
27. It was an elite that believed its task was to enlighten the multitude.
28. Political power has been placed in the hands of the multitude.
29. Large sweaters are warm and practical and hide a multitude of sins.
30. "Strong, centralized government" is a term that can cover a multitude of sins.
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