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Sequence in a sentence

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Synonym: continuationprogressionseriessuccessionAntonym: severanceSimilar words: consequencein consequencesubsequentconsequentlyfrequencyfrequentfrequentlyhenceMeaning: ['sɪːkwəns] n. 1. serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern 2. a following of one thing after another in time 3. film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie 4. the action of following in order 5. several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different keys. v. 1. arrange in a sequence 2. determine the order of constituents in. 
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1. He showed a full understanding of the sequence of events.
2. The questions should be asked in a logical sequence .
3. We go to the classroom in sequence.
4. The article describes the chronological sequence of events.
5. Guess which number of the following sequence is the odd one out.
6. The chronological sequence gives the book an element of structure.
7. He had to attend a sequence of meetings.
8. The first chapter describes the strange sequence of events that lead to his death.
9. Everyone was frightened by the strange sequence of events.
10. He's had a sequence of business failures.
11. It's the third in a sequence of three books, the first of which I really enjoyed.
12. The paintings are exhibited in chronological sequence.
13. He described the sequence of events leading up to the robbery.
14. One by one the witnesses narrated the sequence of events which led up to the disaster.
15. Is there a particular sequence in which you have to perform these tasks?
16. Police are trying to reconstruct the sequence of events on the night of the murder.
17. The best sequence in the film occurs when Roth stops at a house he used to live in.
18. In the sequence a, b, c, d, e, the middle letter is c.
19. The chapters may be studied out of sequence.
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20. The film's opening sequence is of a very unpleasant murder.
21. The heroine dies in the closing sequence of the film.
22. Only the opening sequence could claim to be genuinely innovatory.
23. We had to follow a complex sequence of movements.
24. Cell divisions during development occur in a fixed sequence.
25. Could we run that sequence through again?
26. These pages are out of sequence.
27. The project is nothing less than mapping every gene sequence in the human body.
28. The book is more satisfying if you read each chapter in sequence.
29. Be careful to perform the actions in the correct sequence .
30. The tasks had to be performed in a particular sequence.
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