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Multidimensional in a sentence

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Sentence count:93Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2017-03-24
Similar words: dimensiondimensionstensionpensionextensionmulticulturaldissensionsuspensionMeaning: ['mʌltɪdɪ'menʃnəl /-daɪ-] adj. having or involving or marked by several dimensions or aspects. random good picture
(1) It prefers ideas to be presented in a more complex, multi-dimensional manner.
(2) An imaginative application of multi-dimensional scaling by the statistician David Kendall serves to illustrate how widely the technique can be applied.
(3) Crime is a multi-dimensional problem.
(4) Multi-dimensional scaling can help to clear the murky waters.
(5) A prototype is located in a multi-dimensional space with dimensions corresponding to the characteristics on which examples of the concept can vary.
(6) Some of these critiques give mono-casual, but most give multi-dimensional, explanations of the links between law and society.
(7) Occasionally Cooley exhibits a multi-dimensional scheme that promises to liberate the imagination for the many sides of collective life.
(8) A multi-dimensional approach has the potential to discover and support creative processes in the local community.
(9) First, because of its multidimensional nature, power is a complex phenomenon.
(10) Using hierarchical likelihood approach, the multidimensional integral is avoided, and the hierarchical likelihood function and the process of estimating model ar.
(11) Multidimensional arrays are similar to arrays of arrays, where each subarray can have a different length.
(12) If the array is a multidimensional.
(13) The analysis and separation of complex samples by multidimensional liquid column chromatography are paid more attentions.
(14) Thereby, one-dimensional or multidimensional attribute of call events is displayed simultaneously through the invention.
(15) Multidimensional data cubes are composed of base cube and other cubes aggregating on base cube.
(16) They found that flow a multidimensional construct with nine variables, includinginteractive speed.
(17) It is possible to mix jagged and multidimensional arrays.
(18) Execute a multidimensional query on a cube in the workbench to display business names as labels of X-axis and Y-axis.
(19) However, after thorough investigation and multidimensional analysis, the author comes to the conclusion that they should be judged as adjectival forms in nature.
(20) A native multidimensional array was declared incorrectly.
(21) This problem is tackled by executive information system products containing multidimensional databases, such as Information Resources' Express.
(22) Shifts of register therefore work with other indications of point of view to give a multidimensional sense of situation.
(23) A fuzzy classification system was presented by combining the multidimensional time series fuzzy clustering with rule extraction to evaluate the credit.
(24) A quality factor is somewhat like a craterpocked surface in a multidimensional space.
(25) NET components to assist with fast, interactive, analytical processing of multidimensional data.
(26) The ROLAP data cube is implemented as a collection of relational tables (up to twice as many as the number of dimensions) instead of as a multidimensional array.
(27) Based on blind deconvolution using minimum entropy criteria, the method, which starts right with complex phase degraded SAR images, carries out phase errors correction via multidimensional search.
(28) Applying phase space reconstruction method to divide time series into segments, we have mapped original series into multidimensional data space.
(29) This paper discusses how to using model forecasting technology based on multidimensional data structure appropriately.
(30) Main depicted mathematical modul of national information infrastructure and class base management system of multidimensional information.
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