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Haustorium in a sentence

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Similar words: natatoriumsanatoriumauditoriummoratoriumcrematoriumscriptoriumexhaustexhaustedMeaning: n. a rootlike attachment in parasitic plants that penetrates and obtains food from the host. 
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1. Early necrosis or post haustorium formation necrosis of haustoria might take place.
2. The haustorium cellularizated from the micropylar end to chalazal end at the later globular stage.
3. With embryo sac haustorium in chalazal end, the embryo sac is Endymion type.
4. The primary chalazal haustorium ramifies around the vascular tissues of the ovule.
5. When the embryo differentiated cotyledons, the haustorium cells gradually degenerated,( then disappear.
6. This mass, which connected the haustorium with nucellus was likely to be as an active functional unit of haustorium.
7. We performed artificial culture and induction of C. deserticolaio study seed germination, haustorium generation and morphologic development by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
8. In high resistant hosts, the hypersensitive responses might happen prior to the present of fungal primary haustorium in the cell.
9. At the early globular embryo, the chalazal portion of the embryo sac grown into tubular haustorium, which still remained coenocytic.
10. The seeds treated by fluridone began to germinate after 10 days, and then the apex of the seedling radicle swelled and haustorium developed.
11. Both hypha and haustorial mother cell were dikaryotic, while the typical mature haustorium was mono - karyotic.
12. Endosperm formation is nuclear type and the endosperm forms chalazal haustorium.
13. The percentage seed germination of C. tubulosa in all three species peaked at 82%, and the percentage haustorium formation of C. sala peaked at 52%.
14. The thickness of the haustorial sheath is getting thicker and thicker along with the haustorium elongation and swell.
15. Perhaps they played the function as chalazal end of the haustorium.
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