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Sanatorium in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-06-30Updated:2017-06-30
Synonym: Bedlambooby hatchcrazy housecuckoo's nestfunny farmfunny houseloony binmadhousenut housenuthousesanatariumsanitariumsnake pitSimilar words: natatoriummoratoriumcrematoriumauditoriumexplanatorygubernatorialemporiumsensoriumMeaning: [‚sænə'tɔːrɪəm] n. 1. a hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases 2. pejorative terms for an insane asylum. 
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1. They replenished themselves in a seaside sanatorium for two weeks.
2. Consequently, the widescale sanatorium service was doomed, an enormously cost effective benefit for both developing and developed countries.
3. Reporters and photographers were swarming all over the sanatorium that day.
4. The sanatorium was opened only in 1941.
5. Sanatorium beds were few and far between, and often had to be obtained through influence.
6. Shanghai Hexinyuan Sanatorium is a holiday resort catering for both Chinese and foreingners.
7. Objective The a position for pharmaceutical care in sanatorium facing the reform in medical care system.
8. When we are sent to a sanatorium, we continue to draw our wages.
9. This afternoon we went to the Losheng Sanatorium and did frottage with the sanatorium residents.
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10. The sanatorium looks down at the West Lake.
11. The sanatorium stands by the sea.
12. There is a sanatorium close to the West Lake.
13. I had TB and spent several months in a sanatorium in the mountains.
14. I see her picture in the paper, then I holler copper and tell them this is the dame from the sanatorium.
15. Her personal experience with invalidism and long confinement in a sanatorium gave her an empathy for her patients not common among physicians.
16. If that decision has now put him in the casualty ward, it has equally kept him from the sanatorium.
17. By inventing this yarn about the time Connie left the sanatorium, you've tied yourself right in this thing.
18. Although he returned to the School staff after the war, he was later compelled to spend some time in a sanatorium.
19. Thinking of the frail figure sitting in the gloomy room at the sanatorium, trusting the great Bonanza.
20. All I had to do was make like a patient in a sanatorium.
21. This may be due to the casting of Kikuchi – the poster girl for troubled Japanese youth following her performance in Babel (2006) – but the lengthy sanatorium scenes are mournful rather than moving.
22. It was not until the completion of the Paimio Sanatorium (1929) and Viipuri Library (1935) that Aalto first achieved world attention in architecture.
23. ObjectiveTo analyze the various types of antihypertensive drugs in Hangzhou sanatorium of the People's Liberation Army.
24. The fifth, exploit potential resources and promote development of sanatorium with creating new dominant techniques.
25. In 1875 her eldest and only surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln, arranged for a hearing on her sanity, which resulted in her confinement for several months in a private sanatorium in Batavia, Illinois.
26. Every good mountain with an enclosing gesture is a sanatorium.
27. She was declared legally insane in rigged trial and was put in a sanatorium.
28. Methods Field interview and questionary survey were used to the study of sports injury in 298 pilots recuperating in our Sanatorium .
29. The place where we filmed that was a haunted sanatorium.
30. ResultsCCB was the most antihypertensive drug used in our sanatorium.
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