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Take after in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: followSimilar words: one after anothermake a faceaftertake awaygo afterafter alltake aparttake actionMeaning: v. 1. be similar to a relative 2. imitate in behavior; take as a model. 
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1 Your daughter doesn't take after you at all.
2 You should take after your sister who is a diligent student.
3 Pad and pencil were more than Glover could take after a long night under the weight of his thought.
4 My grandmother was always a worrier,[] and I take after her.
5 Your son doesn't take after you in any way.
6 He didn't have to take after Lennie.
7 Do you take after your mother or father?
8 I take after my father.
9 You must take after the best example.
10 They all say I take after my aunt.
11 He is going to take after his brother and join the army.
12 The girl spent all her spare time to take after her invalid mother.
13 Try to take after your parents who are honest and hardworking people.
14 People usually say I take after my father on a large scale.
15 Take after food to improve absorption Add to smoothies, water with, juices or use in baking.
16 The reversal will STILL take AFTER you are in stasis.
17 Take after feeding. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Wash and dry the spoon thoroughly after use (not in a steam steriliser).
18 My daughter does not take after me in any way.
19 That's right. Whom does she take after? You or your wife?
20 Result:Take after valid step, and resolved the packing amount divergence problem that Amoxicillin capsule branch packed in the process.
21 He boasted, " I take after my father, I smell of armpits. "
22 He'd got a way of his own and I tend to take after him.
23 I was afraid that if I started running the man would take after me.
24 He and his wife are always fighting about who will take after the children.
25 Percy was changing so rapidly that no one could tell whom he would eventually take after.
26 The wind was biting, and sleet blew into our faces and stung our eyes during take after take after take.
27 He could have been right at that, when one considers the trips that hippies take after eating some types of mushroom.
28 My sister takes after my father appearance. On the other hand , I take after my mother.
29 What measures are taken for the student administration? What activities do the students take after classes?
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