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String of words in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2023-05-03Updated:2023-05-03
Similar words: number of wordschoice of wordsstring orchestrastring outring offbring offfiring offword stressMeaning: n. a linear sequence of words as spoken or written. 
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1. She holds a string of words up to them like a caption.
2. The visual memory is being worked hard here; the child has to carry strings of words, related by meaning.
3. What does this string of words really mean?
4. Riff: a string of words or musical notes.
5. The variables of storage in a string of words, sentences statistics. Separated by Spaces between words.
6. That's a long string of words that doesn't communicate a whole lot, but it's something you should be aware of.
7. We know very well how a simple string of words can harm, hurt and offend, or how they can offer humor, help, support and encouragement.
8. What we may overlook is the string of words in between, but it is this bridge between the two words that counts.
9. Chunking is the term for breaking up long string of words or numbers into small groups and using one of the other techniques.
10. Multiword chunk is actually "string of words" used together to express a completely certain meaning.
11. Here is a single string of words that without any change of order can have two quite different meanings, each corresponding to a possible structure.
12. Search a phrase by providing a space-delimited string of words: "hey you"
13. Search can also be used to search for a single word or a string of words and letters.
14. Trade fair organizers like to use acronyms to brand their events because, if properly handled,[sentence dictionary] they are shorter and easier to remember than a long descriptive string of words.
15. Word Color is a windows program that uses Google Image Search to determine the color of a word or string of words.
16. Probabilistic grammar assigns a probability to a sentence or a string of words, while attempting to capture more sophisticated syntactic information than the context-free grammar (CFG).
17. Equally indisputable is the important role played by the string of words in the facilitation of communicative competence.
18. And for "To be or not to be" to represent more than just a haphazard string of words, we must "borrow" rich layers of meaning from our collective history through mechanisms that are not clear to us.
19. But the right hemisphere interprets a poem as more than a string of words.
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