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Readme in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2023-12-20Updated:2023-12-20
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1) When you install Window 95, all the readme files is cop to the directory.
2) Read the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide and Readme files included with the download for detailed information on the installation process.
3) Always read the README file before doing anything other than unpacking!
4) The script and readme files are in the SAFSOverlay folder.
5) In the second chapter, narrator's readme constitutes the personal memory of the works and the news clippings constitute the public memory of the works.
6) Once unpacked, consult README.psgml for some basic information, including how to install it in the UNIX version of Emacs.
7) Once expanded(, you will see a readme text file (README. TXT ) and the firmware update file itself (FWDC156B.
8) If you're installing GAWK from source, consult the README file in the GAWK source distribution, which lists any additional software requirements for successful compilation and installation.
9) README file should clearly specify how to run your program.
10) Make sure to go over the readme file first before attempting to install the game.
11) There is a ReadMe file - consult it before you say make.
12) To open a readme file after you install window 95.
13) If you don't agree that the lack of at least a README is a fundamental discourtesy, that's fine--we can disagree on that point.
14) Frustrated you make a service call and figure out that this could have been prevented all along if you read the README file (see the next section).
15) If you downloaded the code examples from the O'Reilly site,[] then you can follow the directions in its README files for building and running the examples in this chapter.
16) These controls add some properties to the standard option button and check box controls. All new properties are documented in a readme. txt file.
17) This demonstration updates the demo directory with a thesaurus subdirectory, which has a readme.html file with links to the reference documentation and instructions for building the sample content.
18) Fixes that should be applied can be downloaded in zip files which also contain readme files that provide descriptions of all the fixes.
19) The startup scripts are fairly standard Debian scripts, complete with README files.
20) After downloading the sources, familiarize yourself with any new changes to the software -- normally, these changes are itemized in the ChangeLog or README file in the main source directory.
21) WARNING! Setup requires that you have Administrator privileges. Please see the Readme file for more information.
22) The first is used for the long_description: It reads the contents of the README.rst file that's in the same directory as and passes the contents as a string to the long_description parameter.
23) Next the program views release notes of Open Sound System ( Readme ).
24) This file also contain last - minute information receive too late to include in the other readme files.
25) Before you can deploy this EAR, make sure you consult the original article (see Resources) and the README files to set up the required JDBC connector and RDBMS tables.
26) If you are using console to write your article, maybe readme file and you searching for spelling checker, then you can use aspell.
27) files should be in the cgi-bin directory. Only three nonstandard Perl modules are required; the process of installing them is presented in Listing 3 (see the modules' README files for more details).
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