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Proventriculus in a sentence

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1 The results proved that the thickness of proventriculus epithelium and muscularis markedly and regularly changed in different stages of house feeding.
2 Proventriculus type of avian infectious bronchitis isolate virus D971 was used to infect SPF chickens. Infected chickens manifested emaciation, diarrhea and mild dyspnea after inoculation.
3 The proventriculus histological structure was mucosa, submucosa, muscularis and serosa, from the inside to the outside.
4 The honeybee's proventriculus filter the pollen out of nectar rapidly and effectively, therefore ratio of pollen is not always consistent with that of nectar in ripe honey.
5 The avian infectious proventriculus disease virus strain can be isolated from the dead samples and the recover chicken can produce the antibody.
6 The epithelium thickness of proventriculus was the thickest in Mongolia sheep group, and the thinnest in Texel sheep group.
7 Maximal allometric growths, of the gizzard , proventriculus, liver, small intestine and pancreas were 1.5,2,2.3,3 and 6-fold greater than that of the body.
8 Glandular saccus regions in proventriculus of 8 Bactrian camels from Nei Monggol Autonomous Region were studied on histology, histochemistry and electron microscopy.
9 Chyme pH in crop, proventriculus and gizzard increase gradually with age.
10 Conclusion: JPYSR can effectively inhibit the local recurrence and pulmonary metastasis of the transplanted proventriculus squamous carcinoma in mice after tumorectomy,[] and prolong the life span.
11 All those results showed that the pathogen of infectious proventriculus disease of chicken was a member of coronaviridae and had close correlation with IBV to some extent.
12 The cells immunoreactive for pancreatic polypeptide (PP) were rarely found in the proventriculus, duodenum and jejunum.
13 Methods:Hepatic metastases model were established in 615 mice by splenic injection of proventriculus squamous carcinoma cell(MFC).
14 The characteristic changes at necropsy were swelling, hyperemia, hemorrhage and atrophy of proventriculus papillae and with mucus on the surface of papillae.
15 Additionally, a small amount of the primary afferent fiber projections from the radial nerve and the proventriculus were also observed in the descending tract of the trigeminal nerve(TTD).
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