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Muscular contraction in a sentence

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Sentence count:14Posted:2023-09-13Updated:2023-09-13
Similar words: intramuscular injectionmuscle contractionintramuscularintramuscularlyneuromuscular junctioncontractionmolecular attractioneconomic contractionMeaning: n. (physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber). 
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1. Convulsion: an intense, paroxysmal, involuntary muscular contraction.
2. The human movements are achieved by muscular contraction and relaxation controlled by nervous system.
3. Results showed that Qianglisheng could increase muscular contraction duration, but had no effect on the amplitude of contraction.
4. Many active processes in biological systems such as muscular contraction, cell motility and some cellular transport processes are mediated by biological molecules.
5. A sustained muscular contraction to a continuous tetanic stimulus usually indicates a TOF ratio greater than 0.7 and is an indication of adequate recovery from neuromuscular blockade.
6. Muscular contraction reduces blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain that results in tension headache.
7. A sudden, involuntary, spasmodic muscular contraction causing severe pain, often occurring in the leg or shoulder as the result of strain or chill.
8. Even at the loudest fortissimos, the muscular contraction is instantaneous and as brief as possible.
9. Foods and fluids are mixed in the stomach by its muscular contractions.
10. Also, some nervous systems randomly fire, causing seeming symptoms of involuntary muscular contraction.
11. The small amount of caffeine (about 9 mgs of caffeine) present in a normal serving of green tea can stimulate the skeletal muscles and smooth the progress of muscular contraction.
12. As a result, during exercise they had a much higher ability to regenerate the ATP that fuels muscular contraction than those who had a greater reliance on carbohydrates.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. The heart , which is a muscular pump , beats about 72 times a minute through a continuous and automatic process of muscular contraction and relaxation .
14. An organic compound, C4H10N3O5P, found in muscle tissue and capable of storing and providing energy for muscular contraction.
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