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Lyase in a sentence

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Similar words: fly ashas likely as notas easy as pieas many asyashmaklay asidesannyasimay as well
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(1) By sense and antisense transformation with PAL(phenylalanine ammonia lyase) gene, 70 transgenic rice plant lines were got.
(2) Hyaluronate lyase, which catalyses the degradation of hyaluronic acid (HA), has been described from several pathogenic streptococcal species.
(3) It was also found recently that the pectate lyase could be used for the purification of plant virus, bleaching of paper pulp and the bio-refining of textiles etc.
(4) Adenylosuccinate lyase ( ADSL ) is a bifunctional enzyme catalyzing de novo purine synthesis and purine nucleotide recycling.
(5) These results showed that ATP, citrate lyase reaction determines the supply of acetyl-CoA, the precursor for astaxanthin biosynthesis, in cytosol of this yeast.
(6) Alginate lyase can degrade alginates into oligosaccharides , and it's a kind of important tool enzyme .
(7) The lyase activity of these mutants were tested by reconstitution in vivo to study the effects of tryptophan to CpeS.
(8) As new use of pectate lyase is continuously found, the enzyme has been a hot spot in scientific study.
(9) It is a rapid method for screening the tyrosine phenol lyase producer according to the size of the red color ring by using methyl phenol red as the indicator in the solid medium containing tyrosine.
(10) The best studied inducible and repressible enzyme in phytopathogenic prokaryotes is endo-pectate lyase in E. carotovora.
(11) All of this lay a solid foundation for large-scale preparation and application of alginate lyase.
(12) Oligochitosan can induce resistance responses of plants to pathogens, while increased activity of PAL(phenylalanine ammonia lyase(, EC is deemed as one of the indicators of resistance.
(13) This work provides important support for further research of the structure and functions of pectate lyase.
(14) The addition of malic acid decreased the activity of isocitrate lyase and the output of L-glutamate and the residual sugar content and cell growth had no obvious regular change.
(15) We describe, for the first time, identification and purification of hyaluronate lyase from the zoonotic pig pathogen Streptococcus suis.
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