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Interleave in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2017-12-07Updated:2017-12-07
Similar words: interweavetake it or leave itcenterless grinderinterlayhinterlandinterlinkinterlockinterlaceMeaning: v. 1. provide (books) with blank leaves 2. intersperse the sectors on the concentric magnetic circular patterns written on a computer disk surface to guide the storing and recording of data 3. intersperse alternately, as of protective covers for book illustrations. 
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1 The picture book was interleaved with transparent paper.
2 The exercise book has plain pages interleaved between its lined ones/has lined pages interleaved with plain ones.
3 The error correcting and decoding, interleave and and DMT modulation and demodulation are analyzed in detail.
4 To interleave or simultaneously transmit two or more messages on a single channel.
5 The two-leg interleave pulse-width modulation method is used in battery group to reduce the ripple voltage and achieve equal-current control effectively.
6 The AVI ( Audio Video Interleave ) format was developed by Microsoft.
7 The parameters include generator polynomial of component codes, interleave length and the type of interleavers, iterative decoding algorithms and iteration number, code rates and channel models et al.
8 One way of coding the information of two tapes on a single tape is to interleave the two.
9 One DAT can also completely cloak a smaller library of information interleaved within the music.
10 CLE-I allows the application to take part in both of these phases, which are interleaved, as follows.
11 A multitasking operating system is one that can simultaneously interleave execution of more than one process.
12 The applications of code- ratio control technology, for- ward error check technology and interleave technology in wireless transmission are discussed in detail.
13 Number of bytes of user data to skip before starting the check data interleave.
14 Don't want to meet again you face to face, the interleave and go for an instant.
15 A compiler for a superscalar machine has to carefully schedule the instructions it generates, and interleave instructions from different computations,( to achieve maximum performance.
16 The choice of parameters for a multiplex system using spectrum interleave technique and results of experiment are given also.
17 The high-frequency transformer which uses two windings in parallel with power converter, together with the use of interleave control will split input current and raise the efficiency of conversion.
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