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Herder in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-06-11Updated:2017-06-11
Similar words: underdevelopedunderdeveloped countriesupper deckshepherdesslegerdemainoverdevelopedinterdependentinterdependenceMeaning: n. 1. German philosopher who advocated intuition over reason (1744-1803) 2. someone who drives a herd. 
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(1) Nerf Herder is a joke band.
(2) Gardeners and herders were mostly immune from controls on marketing since they marketed relatively little, often only on a casual basis.
(3) Not long ago a young Mongolian livestock herder named Ochkhuu Genen loaded what was left of his life into a borrowed Chinese pickup truck and moved it to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's sprawling capital.
(4) Coffee was first discovered by a goat herder.
(5) Being a cat herder is probably about the toughest thing I think I've ever done.
(6) An Uruguayan gaucho (a South American cattle herder) is unseated by an unbroken horse during the celebration of Creole week in Montevideo, Uruguay, April 9[], 2006.
(7) The herder staked out his claim.
(8) A [ Nenets ] herder relies on the instincts of his lead reindeer.
(9) After trying the berries himself, the goat herder felt much more energetic than usual.
(10) Such was the development a hundred years from Herder to Chamberlain.
(11) Evo Morales, the former llama herder and coca leaf farmer who wears a stripy jumper rather than a shirt and tie, seems to be breaking all the moulds.
(12) One day we had just made camp when a local caste of herders came and began shouting and threatening us.
(13) That progress was now direly slow, with many hundreds of cattle to herd, however expert some of the herders.
(14) Research showed the region had many recreational activities squeezed into a compact area, said Herder.
(15) As legend goes, coffee berries were first discovered in 850 by an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed his goats were much friskier after having eaten the red berries of a local bush.
(16) It was here that in May 2007 another reindeer herder stumbled on the corpse of a perfectly preserved female baby woolly mammoth – which he named Lyuba, after his wife.
(17) In thin forest just south of the tree line, a Nenets herder leads his reindeer across snow-covered pastures where lichens serve as winter fodder.
(18) Past fifty he looked, but still capable of the strenuous life a herder.
(19) Memory stakes a trail in a roadless land as a Saami, or Lapp, herder heads for his reindeer herd 30 miles(48 kilometers) from Lovozero.
(20) There wasn't enough pasture, " Jakov Japtik, a Nenets reindeer herder, told the Guardian.
(21) Morning's Milk: At an elevation of more than 17,000 feet a herder milks her goats.
(22) "The reindeer are becoming unhappy," said Issat Eira, a31-year-old reindeer herder.
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