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Dumb things in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2019-10-05Updated:2019-10-05
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1, That was a pretty dumb thing to do.
2, You had a good reason for every dumb thing you did which you said I would understand someday.
3, Oh, I just did the dumbest thing back there, I forgot my briefcase.
4, The dumb thing is, this is your cameraman mentality, he goes up with these guys who are ice climbing.
5, Dole finally acknowledged that smoking was probably a dumb thing to do.
6, You've known me too long to think a dumb thing like that.
7, You the dumbest thing on this here earth.
8, I know I shouldn't have hit him - it was a dumb thing to do.
9, In every instance, these dumb things were the product of some psychological or emotional impulse.
10, We didn't "dumb things down" so to speak. If they need clarification we were happy to offer it but otherwise we just talked to them without any special exceptions for their age.
11, Sure, sometimes they do dumb things like throw tantrums, but even in that you can see their pure abandonment of everything but what is happening to them right now.
12, Why do smart people do dumb things?
13, This leads people to do dumb things.
14, Reps will say dumb things like,[ things.html] "Half your advertising works and half doesn't--and you'll never know which half." Rubbish.
15, But for teenagers , doing dumb things now because of alcohol may be just the start.
16, The clueless ones do dumb things like pay too much for acquisitions in an effort to plump earnings per share.
17, If a program manager says dumb things(, the programmer might flip the bozo bit on them.
18, They never understood, they were always saying dumb things.
19, Deadlines make people do dumb things.
20, During 2008 I did some dumb things in investments.
21, Seven months earlier my friend could be seen on campus wearing blue jeans and a shirt that said dumb things.
22, It's a good look at issues in organizational psychology, because it describes in detail how a lot of seemingly smart people worked together to accomplish a lot of dumb things.
23, If no one else is sitting around all day thinking about the dumb things I've done, why should I?
24, You go back to Chicago when they won championships, they did the same dumb things , too.
25, Buffett follows-up a recap of 2008 successes with the following revelation: "During 2008 I did some dumb things in investments.
26, But year in, year out, we can count on some pretty smart people in Washington, on Wall Street, on Main Street and all over the world, to do some pretty dumb things.
27, And they're all talking at the same time and saying dumb things.
28, I will only employ bounty hunters who work for money. Those who work for the pleasure of the hunt tend to do dumb things like even the odds to give the other guy a sporting chance.
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