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Cuvier in a sentence

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Similar words: vierlevierxavierheavierclavierrivieraheavier-than-aircuvetteMeaning: n. French naturalist known as the father of comparative anatomy (1769-1832). 
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1. Cuvier wanted to turn natural history into a science that would rank with physics and chemistry.
2. Although sympathetic to Lamarck, Geoffroy attacked Cuvier from a very different position.
3. Cuvier tried to evade one disturbing implication of extinction by linking the phenomenon to his theory of catastrophic geological changes.
4. Cuvier seemed to contemporaries to have had little trouble in demolishing the evolutionary scheme of his contemporary Lamarck.
5. Cuvier noticed that the most recently extinct creatures such as the mammoth were closely related to living species.
6. The debate between the supporters of Cuvier and Geoffroy raged throughout the 1830s and 1840s.
7. But beyond this, Cuvier had demonstrated unity of plan and correlation of the parts in organisms.
8. Georges Cuvier strongly disputed such ideas, holding that unrelated, fixed species showed similarities that reflected a design for functional needs.
9. Georges Cuvier had looked at fossils in rock strata and observed how the ones that lay deeper looked less like familiar animals.
10. The illustrious Cuvier did not perceive that a barnacle was a crustacean.
11. Baron Cuvier, a 19th-century zoologist, thought the unicorn not only mythical, but impossible,( for its single central horn would have to grow out of a suture in the skull.
12. About the same time, Georges Cuvier made the same discovery while studying the rocks around Paris.
13. Cuvier, with one eye on Genesis and the other on nature, tried to please bigoted reaction by reconciling fossils with texts and by making mastodons flatter Moses.
14. The great French anatomist Georges Cuvier thought so as early as 1812, discounting the likelihood of “discovering new species of the larger quadrupeds” in the modern world.
15. Georges Cuvier, an early palaeontologist, made his reputation by predicting the anatomies of newly discovered fossil species from scant evidence, such as single bones.
16. This world of mine, which neither a Cuvier nor a botanist can find, will be a Paradise which I shall have only sketched out.
17. Cuvier:French naturalist who is considered the founder of comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology.
18. They looked for intermediate forms to bridge the gaps that Cuvier insisted lay between the known classes and types.
19. In 1795 a selection of bones made their way to Paris, where they were examined by the rising star of paleontology, the youthful and aristocratic Georges Cuvier.
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