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Congeneric in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2020-01-12Updated:2020-01-12
Similar words: congenercongenersgenericsurgeon generalgenericallygeneric druggeneric namein generalMeaning: n. an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus). adj. belonging to the same genus. 
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(1) Because of congeneric and Oriental culture, have between two countries can compare a gender, and Japan relatively the free culture that accepted the west at us first, so let us look first.
(2) Congeneric species will have the most similar resource requirments.
(3) It is not as congeneric as jasmine heterogeneous plant.
(4) Compare the results with the congeneric supervisory sample's result which are gathered in the sanitary supervision.
(5) On the basis of absorbing international congeneric advanced technology, the company empoldered a high efficient and power saving welding machine: the ZX7 series (IGBT) inverter DC arc welding machine.
(6) Although congeneric life information serves kind of website, but the market fixed position of net of go to market and simple life net and commercial pattern have very big difference.
(7) The colour of each functional spaces is congeneric a series, without too big contrast, this kind those who unite is tonal can increase a bedroom to wash the feeling with concise practice.
(8) The method is a valuable reference to the optimization design of congeneric structure.
(9) Look from the history, IM is all the time close and particular system, all use proprietary client end(, and can with congeneric the good friend of a network is communicated.
(10) The Δ G ■ of absent LiFePO 4 and Li 3 PO 4 in Li - Fe - P - H 2 Osystem were esti mated by congeneric linearityrule.
(11) The foaming performance of the premix, and the flame retardancy of the foam products are similar as those of congeneric import.
(12) The method proposed can be applied to erosion diagnosis of congeneric blast furnace hearth.
(13) Simulation results for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem(TSP)show that ACAHM is superior to other congeneric algorithms in terms of solution quality and computation speed.
(14) The differences of stator curve were obtained that using different methods processed congeneric automobile power steering pump through reversed resolve.
(15) Conclusion The stud type attachments have practically value in clinical appliance and the same capabilities compared with congeneric import production.
(16) Determine the type of the registered trademark, no limits for the congeneric commodity.
(17) For, as must be emphasized again, the reality the elucidation and interpretation of which is the task of praxeology is congeneric with the logical structure of the human mind.
(18) The jasmine flower is the Changlu bush that jasmine flower of sweet-scented osmanthus division belongs to, congeneric plant has 250 kinds about, breed of our country jasmine has 60 about many.
(19) The system can easily attain the instauration and management of websites and be easily transplanted to any other congeneric websites.
(20) Divide on the west outside orchid, the cauliflower of congeneric the mustard family, violet wild cabbage, the effect that fight cancer is not poor also, the man also should take more.
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