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By the same token in a sentence

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Similar words: at the same timethe same asall the samein the same wayjust the sameby thisby thenby the way
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1. By the same token , the everlasting interdependence is actually an everlasting love.
2. She must be more reasonable, but by the same token you must try to understand her.
3. The penalty for failure will be high. But, by the same token, the rewards for success will be great.
4. By the same token, we find less existential angst than in much western art.
5. By the same token, positive heroes are also regarded with scepticism by Lukacs.
6. By the same token, it has not been a triumph for the Tory Party.
7. By the same token, they say that the devil is actively at work as a supernatural force.
8. By the same token, collective beliefs and behaviour can not be explained in terms of individual psychology.
9. By the same token, we can not say this Thursday on Wednesday, because we ought to say tomorrow.
10. Conversely, by the same token, no statement is immune to revision.
11. By the same token, going to war may be a way of safeguarding security in the long run.
12. By the same token, big manufacturers are often shareholders in their chosen bank.
13. By the same token, though, the networks' reluctance to break molds deserves a context.
13. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. The inducement to give is greater, but by the same token there is a cost to the Exchequer in lost revenue.
15. But by the same token, it can be understood more or less differently.
16. Space-time is therefore an extremely stiff medium, and by the same token small-amplitude waves carry large energies.
17. By the same token we must strengthen our communities and our sense of community.
18. But by the same token it is most likely that in their own interests they would scrutinize the work of contemporary photographers.
19. And, by the same token, the world will come to be filled with the links in this causal chain.
20. I want to win, but by the same token, I don't want to hurt Sam's confidence.
21. It would forfeit, by the same token, any claim to be recognised as law.
22. The boat lunges forward and yet almost by the same token lunges back again.
23. By the same token, cinemas had no operators, and so few halls remained open.
24. By the same token, since I am more interested and versed in economic trends than developmental psychology, this analysis might make too much of the recession and too little of brain development.
25. By the same token, heavier responsibility should devolve on factories , mines and some corporations.
26. By the same token, reduced military budgets would force the government to curtail its foreign involvement.
27. I realise that he hasn't come up with any new ideas, but by the same token we haven't needed any.
28. If you give up exercise, your muscles shrink and fat increases. By the same token, if you expend more energy you will lose fat.
29. I don't think that prices will go up but, by the same token, I don't see them going down either.
30. In widely held companies, managers are easier to replace—they are hired help. But, by the same token, they have less skin in the game.
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