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Brine in a sentence

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Similar words: brinkbringbrinybring onbring offbrindlebring upbring inMeaning: [braɪn]  n. 1. water containing salts 2. a strong solution of salt and water used for pickling. v. soak in brine. 
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1. She steeped the cucumbers in brine.
2. Please marinate the meat in the brine.
3. Soak the walnuts in brine for four or five days.
4. The onions had been pickled in brine.
5. The sardines were soaked in brine.
6. Remove meat from brine and allow to sit for about 45 minutes before smoking.
7. It feeds well on the live brine shrimp but will accept other foods such as beef, shrimp, and scallops.
8. He feeds them on newly-hatched brine shrimp right from the start and achieves a size of half an inch within a month.
9. Some deliberately seek high concentrations of brine and others regularly withstand being frozen solid.
10. Make sure meat is fully submerged in brine.
11. The smell of dill brine filled the room.
12. Frozen adult brine shrimp have been on the market for quite some time and are available through almost any pet shop.
13. He put tiny brine shrimp and brine algae in an everlasting cosmos.
14. At an early date, the inland brine springs of Droitwich and Cheshire were discovered and used for the manufacture of salt.
15. Thus, the flow of life from freshwater to brine is compressed into talking distance.
16. Small Heniochus will eat both live and frozen brine shrimp and can be coaxed to take dried food.
17. Brine shrimp thrive naturally, it is reported,( in water so salty that few other forms of life exist there.
18. These fishes enjoy both live and frozen adult brine shrimp and seem to subsist very well on this diet.
19. The fry grew rapidly on a diet of brine shrimp and Liquifry.
20. They eagerly take live and frozen brine shrimp and will adapt to cut food such as chopped shrimp and clams.
21. It has an open textured paste when ripe and is usually washed or brushed with brine.
22. It could be the question, whether to plump for a great evolutionary jump or stay put in the icy brine.
23. At the end of the first week the Liquifry can be supplemented with finely ground dry food and brine shrimp.
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24. Still, she wrung the dripping, salted cabbage until her wrinkled hands stung from the brine.
25. Its particular flavour is achieved by the addition of red wine and rosemary to the brine in which it is cured.
26. In the late 30s baked beans were available both in brine and in gravy.
27. The breeze fanning in off the ocean was dense with brine and the beach was littered with debris.
28. Green olives have to be treated in a soda solution to soften them before they are ready for pickling in brine.
29. During the evening the females are placed in the aquarium, after which some brine shrimp and sifted Daphnia are added.
30. After a while the salt and the moisture from the beans forms a powerful brine that perfectly preserves the beans.
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