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Best-fit in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2022-04-21Updated:2022-04-21
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(1) Considerable margins of uncertainty are associated with the best-fit climate sensitivities identified in an analysis of this type.
(2) Differences in best-fit versus initial guess parameter values were greater for the G model.
(3) Searches for available chunks are processed in smallest-first, best-fit order.
(4) This is useful for best-fit algorithms that look for a cache that most closely fits the size of the desired allocation (iterating the list).
(5) While coalescing via boundary tags and best-fit via binning represent the main ideas of the algorithm, further considerations lead to a number of heuristic improvements.
(6) The two level address mapping algorithm and the best-fit algorithm of logic volume management are designed.
(7) Atkinson's best-fit model parallels not only the overall genetic pattern, suggesting an out-of-Africa migration of modern humans, but also subsequent events in human prehistory.
(8) No searching free lists, best-fit, first-fit[], lookaside lists -- just grab the first N bytes out of the heap and you're done.
(9) The following table, the "best-fit" VNC profile choice for each display resolution, shows the "name" (identifier) for a resolution and the corresponding display size in pixels.
(10) First-fit and best-fit better than worst-fit in terms of speed and storage utilization.
(11) This dissertation designs to work out the best-fit strategy for Zhongxing Company on the basis of the analysis of the domestic and international development of the motorcycle industry.
(12) As shown by Wilson et al, best-fit schemes (of various kinds and approximations) tend to produce the least fragmentation on real loads compared to other general approaches such as first-fit.
(13) You can think of the dotted best-fit line as dividing the good sex-ed values (above the line) from the bad ones (below).
(14) Best-fit curves, which can minimize the maximum deviation, should be used to evaluate the independent conformity of instruments and transducers.
(15) With your mouse, drag data points and their error bars, and watch the best-fit polynomial curve update instantly.
(16) For a given reflector surface it is also important to locate the focal point of the best-fit paraboloid relative to the existing feed support structure.
(17) Until the versions released in 1995, chunks were left unsorted within bins, so that the best-fit strategy was only approximate.
(18) This algorithm tends to be a bit more time efficient but can waste memory due to the best-fit approach.
(19) General data library of NURBS is used to develop generally best-fit algorithm for CMM measurement points and normal CAD model.
(20) Another approach, called buddy memory allocation, is a faster memory technique that divides memory into power-of-2 partitions and attempts to allocate memory requests using a best-fit approach.
(21) Summary information about service performance can be fed back into WSRR and used by the execution environment to affect the selection of the best-fit provider.
(22) Summary information about service performance can be fed back into WebSphere Service Registry and Repository and used by the execution environment to affect the selection of the best-fit provider.
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