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Benzoic in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2021-12-20Updated:2021-12-20
Similar words: benzoic acidbenzoinbenzolbenzoylbenzoatebenzophenonebenzocainebenzoquinoneMeaning: [ben'zəʊɪk]  adj. containing or derived from benzoic acid or benzoin. 
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1. Benzoic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
2. It was originally obtained by decarboxylation of benzoic acid.
3. This paper reports on oscillatory reaction using benzoic acid cortainingmethylene radical hydrogen as medium.
4. The benzoic acid and sorbic acid in food were analyzed with capillary gas - chromatography.
5. In order to modify aromatic polymer, benzoic acid-bentonite was synthesized by treating alkaline Ca-bentonite with ben- zoic acid.
6. Alkoxy benzoic acids are important intermediates in organic synthesis, applied in various areas of the fine chemical industry, such as herb antibacterial, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye.
7. When the concentration of benzoic acid was high, the adsorption was an endothermal process with the system's entropy increasing, and the increase of temperature did benefit to the process.
8. The toxic mechanism of benzoic acids to Photobacterium phosphoreum was mainly electrophilic and toxicities could be described by TSA in combination with ELUMO.
9. Benzoyl chloride was synthesized by the reaction of benzoic acid with SOCl2 and reacted with resorcinol to give 2,4-dihydroxy benzophenone, the yield was 79.4%.
10. As organic acids , benzoic acid derivatives are common organic pollutants in natural water body.
11. The processes for manufacturing benzoic acid derivatives by exploitation of benzoic acid plants were introduced.
12. OBJECTIVE To prepare compound benzoic acid gel and perform a stability study.
13. The esterification condition of Benzoic acid and antimicrobial activity of methyl benzoate were studied.
14. The organic compounds are mainly benzoic acid anhydride , benzophenone, and so on.
15. Constituents for Benzoin from Siam : Coniferyl benzoate , benzoic acid , vanillin , siaresinolic acid, cinnamyl benzoate.
16. An overview of calibration materials used in thermal analysis - benzoic acid.
17. Eleven solid quaternary complexes of rare earth perchlorate with diphenyl sulfoxide (L) and benzoic acid (L') have been synthesized and characterized.
18. A comparison of bacteriostatic ability has been carried out among oleum of Perilla frutescens and Cinnamomum cassia, benzoic acid and nipagin A.
19. Its packaging liquor consists of perchlorinated olefin compound resin, organic solvent colloidal solutions of ketone, acetic ester and benzoic ester and dye.
20. OBJECTIVE To study the effect of Cinnamon oil, Eugenia oil and Galangal oil on the percutaneous penetration of benzoic acid.
21. The organic compounds obtained from the first step of the thermal decomposition reaction were mainly benzoic acid, benzophenone, 9, 10 - anthraquinone, 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran and so on.
22. The content of boric acid ester, tri ethanolamine salt of substituted benzoic acid, sodium gluconate in cutting fluid was 10%, 6%, 1%, respectively.
23. The importance of synthesis for title compound was discussed and we choose the best way by comparing all synthetic routes for alkylcyclohexyl benzoic acid and alkylphenol.
24. Behavior of PSS aqueous solution was studied and its solubilization effect for benzoic acid was determined.
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25. The former researches have indicated that bacteria degrade aromatic compound through several paths such as brenzcatechin pathway, gentisic acid pathway and dihydroxy benzoic acid pathway.
26. Contents of procaine hydrochloride and its degradation product p-amino benzoic acid were determined in procaine hydrochloride injection by RP-HPLC.
27. All were treated with mannitol and furosemide to reduce intracranial pressure, p-aminomethyl benzoic acid for hemostasis.
28. Experimental results show that the apparent adsorption rate constant decreases with increasing substituted benzoic acids concentration.
29. The treatise advances a new method to judge two kinds of fixed group of benzoic ring on electrophilic substitutive reaction in benzoic ring.
30. This change , while limited significance, was not seen administration of benzoic acid in a comparable manner.
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