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Basilar in a sentence

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Similar words: basilar membranebasilbasilicbasiliskbasilicasweet basilbasilic veinfilariasisMeaning: adj. of or relating to or located at the base. 
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1. Method: The models were made by coagulated basilar artery at two points.
2. The total length of the basilar dendrites in the left planum temporale was longer than those in the other areas.
3. The prognosis in patients with basilar artery occlusion is very poor.
4. Should Acute Basilar Artery Occlusion be Treated with intra-arterial Thrombolysis?
5. The basilar membrane once had the report bronchial tube asthma patient bronchial tube basilar membrane accumulation.
6. Neural symptoms were observed after basilar artery occlusion.
7. Objective To investigate the surgical treatment of basilar impression malformation with atlantoaxial dislocation.
8. Methods MRI features of 14 cases of basilar invagination were analyzed retrospectively.
9. Conclusion Allergic rhinitis may cause collagen fibrils deposition in the basilar membrane of the nasal mucosa subepithelium, which gives rise to basilar membrane thickening and remolding.
10. Mean velocity ( Vm ) in vertebral arteries ( VA ) and basilar arteries ( BA ) were measured using transcranial doppler ( TCD ).
11. The results show that the sensory epithelium includes two parts:one part in lagena , the other in basilar papilla.
12. Objective : To establish an in vivo observation method of basilar artery in rat.
13. Objective To investigate the distribution of heat shock protein 27(HSP27) in the basilar membrane of rat cochlea.
14. Result : GEPRB can reduce the cumulating thickness of the basilar membrane and that of the vascular pattern, so as to tighten up the sparsity of the spiral ganglion cells.
15. The ischemic range induced by ligation of the different parts of the basilar artery trunk overlapped, mainly locating in the medulla rostral to the obex .
16. Is Intra - Arterial Thrombolysis the Treatment of First Choice for Basilar Thrombosis?
17. Objective To observe the therapeutic effect of Tongluodingxuan decoction on dizziness due to vertebra - basilar artery insufficiency.
18. Objective : To study the relationship between treatment and prognosis of vertebral - basilar artery aneurysm.
19. Methods After shock wave exposure, different groups of guinea pigs were studied by cochlea basilar membrane stretched preparation technique and auditory brainstem response(ABR).
20. Conclusion The main components of volatile oil of resin and basilar leaves in the Ferula lehmanni Boiss are tuaiacol, terpenoids. Multisulfides have not been determined.
21. The brain stem-spinal cord angle is much smaller in partial patients with platybasia and basilar invagination than that in the normal persons.
22. Objective To explore the role of naloxone in treating vertebral - basilar artery blood insufficiency.
23. Regional cerebral blood perfusion showed by 99m-TC-HMPAO SPECT re-dueced in cerebella and occipital lobe, basilar ganglion and occipital-temporal regions in both groups.
24. The main influential factors on surgical results were whether presence of encasement of the basilar artery and its branches and of the arachnoidal cleavage plane between the tumor and the brain stem.
25. The arteries of the anteromedian and anterolateral groups arose from the anterior spinal artery, and also from the vertebral artery and basilar artery.
26. Objective: To explore the effect of micro-external fixation device for treating the basilar part fracture of the first metacarpus.
27. Conclusion With the referential range of the normal natural angle between medulla oblongata and upper spinal cord,[] we can make a diagnosis of basilar invagination by MRI.
28. Is intra-arterial Thrombolysis the Treatment of First Choice for Basilar Thrombosis?
29. VEGF is mainly located in the inflammatory cells and epithelial cells surrounding the basilar membrane and inflammatory cells and endothelial cells surrounding the vessels.
30. Angiograms of the vertebrobasilar artery demonstrated fenestration of the proximal basilar artery associated with two aneurysms.
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