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Sealer in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-04-05Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: sealeddealerhealersealed offsea levelrevealerconcealercar dealerMeaning: ['sɪːlə(r)] n. 1. a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface) 2. an official who affixes a seal to a document. 
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1. Hide it by smearing silicone sealer all over and adding gravel in a pebble-dash way.
2. Seal all tent seams with seam sealer. 3.
3. So buy the best sealer you can find, and use it faithfully.
4. A4 size , elastic string sealer designed ,[sentencedict .com] protect document effectively.
5. Induction Heat Seal Liners relies on Electromagnetic Sealer Heat on Aluminium Foil to seal to bottles.
6. Prevailing factory finish shall be one coat clear sealer selected by the woodwork manufacturer.
7. This paper describes process of parallel seam sealer and how to solve the problems of lid alignment and hermetic sealing.
8. Remove sealer from axle tube to housing junction, if necessary.
9. The aluminum foil sealer uses inductive - heating technology of Taiwan and transistor module.
10. Used as the surface sealer of concreted structure with excellent adhesion.
11. It integrates bottle washer, filler and sealer into one unit.
12. BTM-FX105 folding type case sealer is an important part on packing production line. It is used for upper, down and side sealing carton. It works stable and the speed is adjustable.
13. Wrap pressure-treated wood with heavy plastic, or coat it with a sealer.
14. Then seal all the edges with a ribbon of sealer to make them watertight.
15. The multimedia part offers animated information about design considerations and follows through all the way to applying deck sealer and making repairs.
16. Then make it waterproof by sealing all the internal corners with a bead of silicone sealer, spread with a wet thumb.
17. The old sides can be removed by slicing through the silicone sealer with a razor or scalpel.
18. Waxes for Chinese-Traditional-Medicine Pill Outer Shell : Mainly used as sealer for Chinese-Traditional Medicine pill outer shell with waterproof , moisture-proof and mildew prevent function.
19. And according to bottles' figure and filling requirements of customers it can be matched with our Capping Machine, Induction Sealer and Labeling Machine to compose a whole production line.
20. API 8 thread or 10 thread whorl joining , sealed by special sealer.
21. In the end, the program block diagram of calculating magnetic field in aluminium reduction cell using two sealer potentials method was given.
22. For example does the finished good manufacturing process include stain, sealer, paint, adhesive bonded overlays, etc.
23. One formative experience, when London was 17, was serving on the sealer Sophia Sutherland.
24. The automatic and multiple-functional bubble packing machine Model DPP-140 is mainly composed of automatic heating bubbler, drug-loader, printer, heating sealer, presser, stroking cutter and counter.
25. Some of the panels have been fitted to the chassis with silicon sealer and rivets.
26. For highly colored wood such as mahogany and red cedar, oil and alcohol stains sealer of the most effective.
27. Objective To compare the curative effects and safety between Liushen Pills and arsenous acid as endodontic sealer in mummification of baby tooth.
28. To begin the process, we apply a fine coat of urethane sealer to protect the wood from excessive drying or absorption of moisture.
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