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Seam in a sentence

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Synonym: bedcreasecrinklefurrowlinewrinkleSimilar words: seamanad nauseamseasealteamseatsearbeamMeaning: [sɪːm] n. 1. joint consisting of a line formed by joining two pieces 2. a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface 3. a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit. v. put together with a seam. random good picture
1. They struck a rich seam of iron ore.
2. The book is a rich seam of information.
3. She was repairing Billy's trousers, where the seam had come undone.
4. She sewed the seam with small neat stitches.
5. The average UK coal seam is one metre thick.
6. Use vinyl seam adhesive where vinyls overlap.
7. They're still mining a rich seam of high-grade coal.
8. This seam of coal reposes on a layer of clay.
9. Polidori, the right-wing politician, is mining a rich seam of fear and prejudice.
10. Tack them together with a 1.5 cm seam.
11. The 466-page book is a rich seam of statistical information.
12. Her dress had split along the seam.
13. His shirt was torn along a seam.
14. This will prevent the seam from tightening up with the result that it could be shorter than the surrounding fabric.
15. Neil's shirt was torn at the shoulder seam.
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16. To make a plain seam, place two pieces of fabric together with right sides facing and with raw edges level.
17. Press seam allowance to the wrong side on the lining and notch out in the same way.
18. The private sector now offers another rich seam to mine.
19. A seam ripper is useful, but should be used with caution to avoid cutting fabric.
20. Along the line of her brow lay a seam of piercing pain.
21. He shall make half a seam of malt for one work and the lord shall provide firewood.
22. It would therefore be easier to restrict this seam to plain fabrics or those with a small overall design.
23. Available in 2 m widths, it can be seam welded to cover large areas and is especially good over underfloor heating.
24. Stuff the cushion and then sew up the final seam.
25. When she started writing novels, she found her time as a judge was a rich seam for her to mine.
26. They plan to pump a suspension of catalysts in steam and air or hydrogen, down into a coal seam.
27. I riffle through my Esquire, practically ripping the pages out at the seam.
28. The law, which covers all levels of cricket, will also specifically ban bowlers from lifting the seam on a ball.
29. Usually you can see the line of the graft, just like the seam on the monster's neck.
30. Fold the rectangle of dough in thirds again, crimping the seam with your fingers so that it will not open up.
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