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Thriving in a sentence

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Similar words: strivingdriving licencethriveliving thinglivinggiving upskydivingmisgivingMeaning: ['θraɪvɪŋ] adj. 1. very lively and profitable 2. having or showing vigorous vegetal or animal life. random good picture
1. Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness, some common interests. 
2. There was a thriving black market in foreign currency.
3. May the god of money give you a thriving business.
4. Have a thriving and happy new year.
5. Rimini is a thriving holiday resort on the east coast of Italy.
6. Each bamboo house was surrounded by a thriving orchard.
7. The pollution could decimate the river's thriving population of kingfishers.
8. It is a thriving shopping centre for the people who live in the immediate area .
9. The region is thriving.
10. Business has been thriving in the past year. Long may it continue to do so.
11. She runs a thriving grocery business.
12. The business is thriving and Philippa employs two full-timers for the heavy work.
13. During the war, there was a thriving black market in food.
14. This and its tributaries, helped to create a thriving cloth trade in Painswick.
15. The thriving Teesside club also finished third in a special challenge award for the first 12 men home, underlining their strength-in-depth.
16. Gardens can be thriving, living things in more ways than one.
17. The Richmond Meet is clearly thriving - but how did it manage to survive the lean years?
18. Airlines reportedly are cracking down on this thriving but illegal trade.
19. Restaurants are still thriving, attendance has not dropped off.
20. People Open, thriving enterprises do not exclude people in ways that violate fair-hiring laws.
21. The place has rapidly developed from a small fishing community into a thriving tourist resort.
22. With the establishment of major new markets, the economy is thriving.
23. The village is a bit too olde-worlde and more of a museum than a thriving community.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. He had managed to create the entirely spurious impression that the company was thriving.
25. Acclaimed as a " pearl in the desert ", the city is thriving as never before.
26. The place has developed from a fishing port into a thriving tourist centre.
27. Famous throughout the world for its boots and shoes, this thriving market town offers a fascinating mix of old and new.
28. During that time Cathy and Margaret have created a thriving, successful business.
29. Originally named Sudtone, or South town, it was a thriving community long before the city of Hull was in existence.
30. The village hall, built in 1912, is a busy and thriving place.
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