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Multiplying in a sentence

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Sentence count:76Posted:2017-05-17Updated:2017-05-17
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1, Dividing by two is the inverse of multiplying by two.
2, One can make 18 by multiplying 3 and 6 .
3, Costs for each patient were then calculated by multiplying the mean cost per procedure by the number of procedures performed on them.
4, The churches are growing and multiplying rapidly.
5, Once, multiplying or dividing by zero had terrifying results, reducing orderly arithmetic to instant nonsense.
6, They were adding, multiplying and dividing, mentally, on paper and with a calculator.
7, Mistakes have been multiplying.
8, Private ownership would grow gradually, with small firms multiplying even as big ones stayed in state hands.
9, Acid output was calculated by multiplying the hydrogen ion concentration by the volume of the gastric aspirate.
10, Other acid outputs were calculated by multiplying the acid output during the second 15 minutes of each infusion period by four.
11, Multiplying timeshare complexes are the biggest development to assault a number of National Parks.
12, Why is there no such urgency about demonstrable, multiplying failures in the criminal justice system?
13, This in turn means that multiplying her age by her age equals 900.
14, That figure is arrived at by multiplying the total length of traffic jams by their duration.
15, Adding this in and multiplying by a factor of 2 produces the delay for the round trip Earth Venus-Earth:.
16, The resulting expression is and multiplying out the right-hand side we obtain the required trigonometrical relations.
17, And fears are multiplying that professional counterfeiters will take advantage of the unfamiliarity of the new currency to circulate forged notes.
18, Paley rammed home his argument by multiplying up his examples.
19, Insects emerge in the spring and start multiplying rapidly.
20, Note that the ways of adding and multiplying polynomials in this new notation are precisely those you have always used.
21, In particular multiplying the wavefunction by - I does not change the physics at all.
22, This temperature can then be converted into Celsius by subtracting 32,( multiplying by 5 and dividing by 9.
23, As soon as one type of white cell meets the antigen that fits its locks, it begins multiplying.
24, Though more commonly associated with wet weather, early morning dews or irrigation may be enough to keep rust multiplying.
25, The priesthood of central computing has already given way to a secular world of laypeople playing with multiplying microprocessors.
26, Beha uses math and together they figure out what other tasks would require multiplying with fractions.
27, Nevertheless the political and diplomatic links which bound her to the rest of the continent were slowly multiplying and becoming stronger.
28, The nucleus must be taken from cells that are multiplying.
29, Grocery store banks, open weekday evenings and during the day on weekends, are multiplying across the country.
30, This rise in prices is eliminated from the figures by dividing national income by the price index and multiplying by 100.
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