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Multiplex in a sentence

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Sentence count:125Posted:2017-05-16Updated:2017-05-16
Similar words: multiplemultiplymultipliedmultipliermultiplicationmultipartymultidisciplinarymulticulturalMeaning: ['mʌltɪpleks] n. communicates two or more signals over a common channel. adj. 1. many and varied; having many features or forms 2. having many parts or aspects. 
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1. All multiplex companies operate similar regimes with regard to staff behaviour to ensure that their work is predictable.
2. In the meantime, however, multiplex construction continues unabated and the sizes of complexes get progressively bigger.
3. The avenues to prestige and financial security are multiplex and, to a large extent, unrestricted.
4. The multiplex cinema is another sign of the decade.
5. A multiplex control system based on serial entry and output in series-parallel mixed mode is designed.
6. Conclusion The 9 canine - STR loci multiplex system are suitable for individual discrimination and paternity identification.
7. Finally, the excellence of this multiplex forward converter is verified by experiment.
8. Methods Multiplex PCR was applied to detect virulence characters with four pairs of primers.
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9. The quantitative computation of balanced solid solubility of multiplex second-phase is a difficult problem in this area.
10. Objective To develop a novel multiplex polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) to detect multidrug - resistant Acinetobacter baumannii.
11. Methods 52 buccal and gnathic multiplex fractures patients with other systemic damages were retrospectively evaluated.
12. The multiplex bus controller(BC) plays aker- nel role among of terminals in modern avionics 1553B multiplex communication system.
13. The multiplex bus's capability decides the quality of integrate electrical system.
14. GSM system offers rich and multiplex services, and it can support most low-speed data communications services which were provided by the land telecommunications network.
15. It will eventually feature a nightclub, restaurant, retail units and multiplex cinema.
16. The city at one time had talked to Edwards Theaters about building a multiplex theater there, but those talks faltered.
17. The way in which films are distributed and exhibited cinematically has been fundamentally changed by the multiplex revolution.
18. Warner Bros is reviving the tradition of Saturday morning children's cinema at its multiplex cinemas.
19. This paper puts forward a design method of digital multiplex system with FPGA, and introduces the whole system of multiplexing and demultiplexing between primary group and secondary group.
20. The larger the communication area of the shore station, the more the mobile users, thus the chance of time multiplex is bigger.
21. Manufacture methods, some attentive questions during design and use conditions of the multiplex equipment of carbon steel with PTFE liner are introduced.
22. In order to solve this problem, this paper introduces a MMSE-SIC receiver to improve MC-CDMA system in multiplex transmission.
23. Dario: How about a movie? We could head down to the multiplex.
24. And this provides condition for shaping the tourists' new cultural personality, which is patulous and multiplex cultural personality by tourism.
25. However, it has multipath interference and muti-access interference which are disadvantages to the user capability of the multiplex system.
26. Moreover, some methods for solving these problems are given. The future of ISFET is prospected that it will develop towards multiplex and multifunction .
27. Based on these excellences, user bring out network supporting Signaling System 7, achieving integrated multiplex equipment connecting PSTN and so on.
28. This paper presents the principle and the realization method of a new multiplex channel fault wave-recording device.
29. These extra costs are likely to cause dispute between WNSL and Multiplex.
30. The multi - peak distribution of signal analysed by multiplex fitting approximating method is also discussed the paper.
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