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Migrant in a sentence

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Synonym: driftingmeanderingramblingrovingtransienttravelingwanderingSimilar words: emigrantimmigrantmigrant workertransmigrationmigrateemigratemigraineimmigrateMeaning: ['maɪgrənt] n. traveler who moves from one region or country to another. adj. habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work. 
1. The government revoked her husband's license to operate migrant labor crews.
2. The country has a large seasonal migrant population, who work on the coffee and cotton plantations for part of the year.
3. Migrant workers move from city to city in search of work.
4. A lot of factory work is done by migrant workers.
5. Migrant workers move from country to country in search of work.
6. Migrant workers are vulnerable to exploitation.
7. The curfew has effectively barred migrant workers from their jobs.
8. Migrant birds shelter in the reeds.
9. City residents also blame migrant workers for the sharp rise in the urban crime rate.
10. City residents complain that migrant workers have threatened to take already scarce urban jobs.
11. The economic migrant is also the political refugee.
12. They underline the right of migrant workers to express freely their ethnic, cultural[], religious and linguistic characteristics.
13. Grievances were felt particularly strongly by migrant workers who bore the brunt of the hardship because they were almost completely unorganized.
14. From the beginnings the Saints were a migrant people.
15. One journalist from the migrant community said he had heard the true figure could be more than 700.
16. Migrant families have brought the tradition with them to the urban shanty towns.
17. The migrant water birds come to Kumana in April.
18. Migrant workers come to the orchard each autumn to pick apples.
19. An unwelcome migrant, it came to these shores a century and a quarter ago[], in 1869.
20. Some say migrant workers knock on their doors asking for water and food.
21. The area was an important resting place for many types of migrant birds.
22. They recognized that the protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers have their human dimension.
23. This consists of lost remittances, tourist earnings and Suez Canal income, together with massive resettlement costs for returning migrant workers.
24. They met a decade ago in Zhuhai, a fast-growing southern metropolis whose economy has relied on the cheap migrant labor.
25. When Anthony was a boy the family arrived in California as migrant workers picking grapes.
26. A lawyer by training, she scuffled with agribusiness over migrant workers and supervised the government crackdown on sweatshops.
27. It shows that a third of average incomes is generated by migrant labour and only a fifth by selling crops.
28. And this economy persists to a substantial degree, courtesy of both the climate and exploitable migrant and illegal-alien labor.
29. The money was refunded only when proof was provided that the migrant had found a job.
30. A human being is unpredictable whether he is a national resident or a migrant: we have to live with that.
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