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Howitzer in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-10-05Updated:2017-10-05
Similar words: switzerlandpulitzerjoseph pulitzerschnitzelauschwitzdo withgo withknow-it-allMeaning: ['haʊɪtsə(r)] n. a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range. random good picture
1. An howitzer shell screamed down to smash the wheel of the last gun limber.
2. A howitzer was embedded not far behind and was shaking down the dust of centuries from the rafters.
3. Two howitzer shells exploded a few paces from his horse, both blasts beginning small fires among the rye.
4. The question is: Should we roll out the howitzer every time corruption appears?
5. But like a howitzer brought out to shoot ants, it left us with other problems.
6. Max range of the howitzer is 50 kilometers (with rocket assisted shells).
7. The first such technique is the howitzer mantra. Prepare a mantra that works for you.
8. About 35 minutes later, the South fired three howitzer shells into the sea.
9. System optimal design of howitzer is an important tool of system design.
10. A massive Howitzer points into the sky as if preparing to bombard London – but it is carved, incongruously, in stone.
11. If announced forcefully enough, the ECB's monetary howitzer would almost certainly drive down yields even in Greece.
12. More need on system design of howitzer is required because of the difficulty in design of modern howitzer .
13. The SH-1 is a 155mm self-propelled howitzer developed by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) for the export market.
14. An M109 155-mm howitzer battery using Soviet fire direction and gun procedures fired the test.
15. Even Reeves's younger brother, under the full blast of a howitzer shell, had stood a better chance.
16. The room looks as if it was hit by a howitzer.
17. Therefore, every country in the world is actively doing the research on digital light - duty Automatic Howitzer.
18. Applied to the evaluation practice of weapon effectiveness of modem self-propelled howitzer artillery, this method proves feasible and valid.
19. A new method of the calculation of nature - fragment mass distribution for small diameter howitzer projectile.
20. Cannon: Long - range artillery piece , as distinguished from other Big guns such as the howitzer or mortar.
21. The purpose of this study is to explore the methodology of integration design of structure and control for a shell transfer arm of howitzer autoloader.
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22. The automatic chain shell magazine is primary subassembly of an automatic ammunition loading system of a certain big-caliber self-propelled howitzer.
23. For accuracy and computation cost, the nonlinear finite element structural dynamics model of the howitzer is created with different elements such as solid elements, shell elements and beam elements.
24. It later explained that shells being loaded for a howitzer, identified from photographs as phosphorus rounds, were empty "quiet" shells used for target marking.
25. The nuke round now fires with the trajectory of a standard howitzer shot.
26. The final version, Ausf N, mounted a short 75 mm howitzer for use in infantry support.
27. Ensured that the player would start with enough fuel to build a Howitzer at the start of Caen M01.
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