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Blitz in a sentence

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Synonym: blitzkrieglinebacker blitzingsafety blitzSimilar words: blitzkriegausterlitzblitheblithelyobliterateobliteratedobliterationpublic utilityMeaning: [blɪts] n. 1. (American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line 2. a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment. v. attack suddenly and without warning. random good picture
1. The car was launched with a massive media/advertising blitz, involving newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
2. We'll have to have a blitz on the house before your parents arrive.
3. Many people died in the London blitz.
4. I must have a blitz to get my room tidy.
5. I had a blitz on the kitchen today, and now it's really clean.
6. I am old enough to remember the Blitz, but only just.
7. Five shops were damaged in a firebomb blitz.
8. We had a blitz on the house at the weekend and cleaned it completely.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. During the blitz we spent the night in underground shelters.
10. She was killed in/during the Blitz.
11. On December 8 the media blitz began in earnest.
12. We decided to have a blitz on the kitchen .
13. Enemy bombers carried out a blitz on the city.
14. The campaign was launched with a nationwide publicity blitz.
15. I've had a blitz on the house .
16. The overall repair bill for Saturday's blitz on Portadown could reach £15m.
17. Asking a friendly, million-member organization to blitz Capitol Hill with phone calls and letters is forbidden.
18. The zone blitz can fluster an offense because it looks nothing like a conventional blitz.
19. He careened through foreign territories on a desperate kind of blitz.
20. Regional accents are still acceptable but there is to be a blitz on incorrect grammar.
21. In 1943 he suffered a disaster when the stock of his now famous book was all destroyed in the London blitz.
22. Hobert misread a coverage, thought he was looking at a blitz and threw a killer interception.
23. All the windows in the farmhouse had been shattered, the whole scene resembling something from the Blitz.
24. Security chiefs are confident that they foiled a summer bombing blitz on London.
25. However, to many devil-may-care young people London in the blitz was a place of exhilaration and excitement.
26. She was a United States ambassador who had been through the blitz in London.
27. Male speaker To the second world war and the Blitz.
28. More than half a century has passed since he was brought to Swinbrook to escape the horrors of the blitz.
29. London was, of course, by far the larger city, but much of London's majesty had been destroyed in the Blitz.
30. Many evacuees went home during that first winter, but when the blitz began, there was another exodus from London.
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