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Ho in a sentence

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Sentence count:174+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-19Updated:2017-03-19
Meaning: [həʊ] n. a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group; occurs together with yttrium; forms highly magnetic compounds. 
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1. He has warned some of his more gung ho generals about the consequences of an invasion.
2. Ho, ho! What have we here?
3. Ho hum, another nice job down the drain.
4. 'Heave ho!' cried the sailors as they raised the anchor.
5. Shops in Ho Chi Minh City are stacked with goods.
6. The US believed Ho Chi Minh was a puppet of the Chinese.
7. "Ha ha, ho ho," he chortled.
8. Heave ho, my hearties!
9. Wang Ho - fu scratched his head and looked hesitantly at Wu Sun - fu , whose face was tense.
10. The experiment of Tm, Ho:YLF laser is conducted for different output couplings, and the optimum output coupler transmission is 2% when the crystal is kept at room temperature.
11. Another one is the disassociation of haem by haem oxygenase(HO), The second one is the main path.
12. In the Communist-led liberated areas, Gung Ho was the only possible way to achieve production.
13. Objective:To probe into the advantage of using Ho:YAG laser under arthroscope and improved quadricepsplasty to treat the straighten stiff knee joint and the way of early recovery.
14. As she went along, Ho Hsiu - mei shouted, " Down with Chamber - pot Tu !
15. Ho Lung 's hatred of the rich had become legendary in China.
16. Now artist Mai is at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts.
17. A greedy person , a glutton w ho looks the part [], big belly and all.
18. Now, even with Wang Ho - fu goading him on, he was wavering and hesitant.
19. Mr. gung ho about his new job.
20. As Buddhism and Taoism so different , ho , don't have intercourse to make things bad.
21. AIM: To investigate the therapeutic effect of hyperoxia solution (HO) on hypoxia in rabbits during one lung ventilation (OLV).
22. General Ho, while in the United States, joined the Oxford Movement and talked knowingly of the need for democracy in China.
23. Ho was also a child in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Youth Chinese Plucked String Orchestra members, is now performing in the orchestra members.
24. Why people live in a name table named Ho Ping.
25. Roundtrip Economy class air ticket for Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City on CX.
26. I follow the stone steps up , ho , vacillating at first , I pace to and fro.
27. The glare of the media spotlight has made it very difficult for Dr. Ho to do his work.
28. Our company mainly specialized in: electric hammer, electric drill, angle grinder, electric - ho, rechargeable electric drill series.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. After completing his bilateral meetings in Hanoi, President Bush left Vitenamese capital for Ho Chi Minh City.
30. Nuclear bomb would be used to flatten the Karakoram and the river Sindh would be connected to Hoang Ho.
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